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today's theme: night/light

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My friend Tanner McSwain will be opening a bookstore and literacy center in Chicago.

My friend Tanner McSwain has created a Kickstarter campaign to help get things a-moving.

My friend Tanner McSwain has a birthday.

That birthday is today.

So take a look and maybe snag one of those delicious rewards, eh? (Rewards including a tote bag, lifetime discount, and shelf named in your honor. Yeah!)

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Q. “What transforms darkness into light?”
A. “La poésie.”

On this morning's red line commute: reading about Leonard Stecyk while on a train being driven by Leonard Stecyk. "This is Belmont, let 'em through, you've got a good day coming!" "Doors are closing, don't spill your coffee!" "North and Clybourn, don't forget your cell phone, wallet, notebook!" "Clark and Lake, good morning, may the force be with you!" #synchronicity #paleking #suchaniceboy /cc +Erin Watson
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