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Parke Wilde
Food policy professor at Tufts.
Food policy professor at Tufts.

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U.S.-Mexico agricultural trade helps the U.S. economy and nutrition for consumers
For the United States, trade with Mexico offers many benefits for the economy and dietary quality for American consumers.  Regarding the economic benefits, a recent August 2016 article in the magazine Amber Waves , from the U.S. Department of Agriculture --...

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Tufts/UConn RIDGE Center releases Request for Proposals (RFP) for economic research on U.S. nutrition assistance programs
Please share this week's announcement with potential researchers: The Tufts/UConn RIDGE Center seeks to support innovative economic research on domestic nutrition assistance programs and to broaden a network of researchers applying their expertise to USDA t...

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American Enterprise Institute (AEI) report on poverty, hunger, and U.S. agricultural policy
In a new report for the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) , Dan Sumner, Joe Glauber, and I consider all the different ways that farm programs could affect prices or incomes, which in turn could affect poverty and nutrition for low-income Americans. We con...

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A more constructive approach to SSB restrictions in SNAP
An old debate First, let me review the harsh back and forth in a somewhat typical week of debate about sugar sweetened beverages (SSBs) in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). The New York Times this week published an  article about "lots o...

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MLK Day reflection: things I like about Georgia's 5th Congressional District
Today, Martin Luther King Day 2017, feels like a good day to list some of my favorite places in Rep. John Lewis' 5th Congressional District in Georgia, from a visit one year ago, in January, 2016, which I will long remember: Emory University, where I learne...

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A consistent policy toward drug testing for recipients of USDA benefits
Governor Scott Walker (R-WI) this week urged President-elect Donald Trump to allow Wisconsin to implement drug testing for participants in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), the nation's leading anti-hunger program and the largest program...

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The nutrition title in the next farm bill
Choices Magazine , a publication of the Agricultural Applied Economics Association (AAEA), has my new commentary: " The Nutrition Title’s Long, Sometimes Strained, but Not Yet Broken, Marriage with the Farm Bill. " It describes the divergent budgetary forec...

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The scale of SNAP (food stamp) spending relative to other budget priorities
Multiple social media friends recently shared a fall 2015 chart from an organization called " The Other 98% " (slogans: "kicking corporate asses for the working classes" and "we didn't start the class war, but we're going to end it"). I like the chart's imp...

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Some in Massachusetts are concerned with animal welfare and yet not voting for Ballot Measure #3
In a commentary for WBUR this week, my faculty colleagues Will Masters and Jennifer Hashley write about Massachusetts Ballot Measure #3, which would ban the sale in Massachusetts of eggs, pork, and veal from confined production methods. This debate is commo...

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Baylen Linnekin: "Biting the Hands That Feed Us"
In Biting the Hands that Feed Us  (Island Press, 2016), food lawyer Baylen Linnekin offers a libertarian appeal for reduced food regulations. Like many such books, Linnekin reviews a long littany of well-meaning business people whose enterprises were thwart...
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