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Mud Cakes and Wine
Mud Cake and Wine describes my life
Mud Cake and Wine describes my life

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Planting Viburnum Tinus
A few weeks ago I was delighted to get home from the school run and see the Architectural plant's lorry parked in the drive, this meant the Viburnum Tinus had arrived and were going to be planting. Mr MC&W had greeted them and explained exactly what we want...

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Meal Plan Friday 6th May 2017
We have been beyond busy and the meal plans have been last moment and really suffered. We seem to have caught up a little and I have finally got sometime to write the weeks meals up. Friday - Chilli with rice. The boys will have meatballs. Saturday- Gammon,...

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Ground Elder Battle
My mum has to battle bindweed constantly, the stuff is rife through her garden and she was convinced the moment her back is turned the plant would shoot again. Our garden we have to battle ground elder, it is everywhere and I have had to declare war. I was ...

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Meal Plan Friday 7th April 2017
The bathroom is still being done and Mr MC&W will be of to Atlanta with work so I need more and more easy meals Friday - Birds eye chicken Kiev with new potatoes and salad Saturday - Steak, Chips, Peas, mushrooms and peppercorn sauce for myself and Mr MC&W ...

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Meal Plan Friday 31st March
This has been written after the event. We have been really manic with the start of the Easter holidays, the bathroom being ripped out and replaced combined Mr MC&W was beyond busy at work Friday - Waitrose Gruyere Stuffed Mushrooms, New Potatoes and Salad b...

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Annual seeds to update a border
The Dumping Ground The new  Viburnum Tinus  trees and shrubs are arriving late April so for the moment I have stopped digging over the back border and will weed it as and when needed. In the meantime I have been pottering about and catching up with some job...

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Viburnum Tinus
As your aware last year I posted all about the garden fence being replaced and the fact we lost some of the privacy in our garden. We found part of the solution with the amazing LolliPop Trees Elaeagnus ebbingei. Planting lollipop trees elaeagnus   However,...

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Meal Plan Friday 24th March 2017
We are back to normal for a week or so in the MC&W household. As Mr MC&W is now back from a week trip to Las Vegas with his friends we need some slightly more healthy food. This week nearly every meal is from BBC Good Food and I have put a link to each one....

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Meal Plan Friday 17th March 2017
The meal plan I have to admit is a tad random this week. Normally is carefully planned and the food thought about to give a good mix of chicken, red meat, fish and veggie options. We have Grandma MC&W staying and Mr MC&W not due back till Wednesday so meals...

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Meal Plan Friday 10th March 2017
This week is a little crazy in the Mud Cakes and Wine household. Mr MC&W is off to Vegas Baby for 7 days with a whole group of friends to celebrate them all turning 40. So Grandma Mud, Cakes and Wine is coming to stay. Friday - Boys have a school disco so w...
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