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The Onvermel Report

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Something I never new I wanted. UNTIL NOW
So while going threw some Value Villages like I do when in the city I myself and Hanahtu found each a copy of Bionicle 2 Legends of Metru Nui.  Now I did have one but this was different as this had one of those sleeve things which was quite reflective. Also...

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Some goodies
So today Hanahtu and myself found some lovely stuff today.  I recon there is close to half of the Bahrag.  These little guys were in great condition. Matoro did also have his disk but is was not around for the picture.  Some extra herofactory/bionicle/starw...

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Been a while
So it's been a while but sadly it has a lot to do with Bionicle taking a side spot to other Lego themes. However Hanahtu did find this beauty which I was able to acquire for my collection. A little beat up but it's nice to have one of the brown sets sealed....

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I have it!
Well this happened a while ago and kinda forgot about but a while ago I finally went to my local books store and what do I find? TIME TRAP!!! I've checked countless thrift stores over and over around the province and never found this until now and I can tha...

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Nice Value Villager find
Yet another find at Value Village. This time actually by me.  Not a bad batch of Bionicles I must say. Main thing that is good is the Nohrik with the canister and the sealed Kopaka nuva. It was also nice to finally have a canister for my Vakama as well as o...

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Yes more Bricklink
So continuing with Bionicle we have done another order this one mainly for sets plus a few extra such as more krana, some Bioncle game cards and a watch.   Now because of this I have all the turaga posters while now Hanahtu has all the canisters to the toa ...

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Feels like highway robery
So on the weekend Hanahtu came across a lot of Bionicles online by the help of our sister Mithra Nui. The whole lot was for $200 CA and this is what we got.  This was all the parts left over. You can see there is a couple visorak chunks as well as a hero fa...

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Well as we have seen before I have collected all the turaga and toa masks after a lot of time and money spent. Now its' the nuva's turn (sorta). As we can see I've finally gotten all of their regular six however I am still missing two silver, I do have Lewa...

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Moc-Xalax toa of The Green
Today to continue with the toa Eciep moc I have Xalax toa of The Green. More pictures can be found here

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Dentar 6th stage.
Almost there... Well just a few more technic panels, bohrok shields and a purple hose to go till Dentar is complete!  Thankfully his legs can actually support his weight and I can pose him a little. His arms actually have quite the range of motion.  Just fo...
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