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Kathy Harradine
Old enough to know better and young enough not to care
Old enough to know better and young enough not to care

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End of Trips
The last couple of weeks of the trip were very busy.  I admit I was too tired to write by the time I got back to the RV each day.  Rascal was lucky to get his usual walkies. After I got home I started to do the usual trip reports and then decided not to . T...

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New post about Mt. Rushmore is up

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Mt. Rushmore!
first thing you notice about Mt. Rushmore is the very winding road needed to
access the park.   The next thing you
notice is the huge parking lot!   Clearly
people aren’t daunted by the difficulty of getting to this park.   It has seen steady increases ...

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American history comes to life

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Comments - about RV Caravan type tours
is where I am seriously annoyed with Fantasy Tours – I do not know what
happened but I can tell you that all the small RVs were forced to camp with electricity
only but no water and no sewer at Ft. Robinson.   All the large coaches had full hookups.   ...

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Oregon Trail, Indians and some comments
Trail and more On
the road between Cheyenne and our next campsite we stopped to check out the
Oregon Trail ruts made by the early wagon trains and the Register Cliffs where
many carved their names into the soft rock.   Much has been worn away by time...

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Moving right along!  Cheyenne Frontier Days are fun.

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Frontier Days in Cheyenne!!
Frontier Days There
is lots of excitement and lots happening in Cheyenne for the 119 th Frontier Days.   There was a parade of
bands and horses, flags, and floats. There’s
the rodeo.   We had special dinners and
special tours and visited the capito...

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Amazing scenery  - Rocky Mountain National Park

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Rocky Mountain National Park
Mountain National Park WOW!   The park and surrounding areas are gorgeous!!   We camped in Estes Park in an interesting
campground.   They carved the sites out of
the hillside, put in utilities, and put gravel on the main roads but not on the
sites.  ...
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