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Analytics for Marketing /// We harness the power of cloud computing to compress your time to insight.
Analytics for Marketing /// We harness the power of cloud computing to compress your time to insight.

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Thorough article in the MIT Sloane Business Review today. Written by Thomas H. Davenport, Paul Barth and Randy Bean.

"Big data environments must make sense of new data, and summary reporting is not enough. "

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A great article from Doug Henschen describing how we helped Manheim Auto Actions analyze clickstream data from WebTrends to understand customer behavior. +InformationWeek 

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Our customers are awesome! They see out tool as a game changer... 

“We now have a tool that lets us course correct, plan for future action, monitor trends and identify the behaviors that lead to desired actions, giving us a major edge in the market and on our competitors.” – Steve Skiba, CIO Party City

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Cloud computing and variety of data is shifting the role of IT, again. 

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"Willie Hardie, Oracle’s vice president of database product marketing... acknowledged that most Oracle customers have traditionally focussed on what goes on in their business by running analytics over their structured databases. “But there is a whole raft of other data that can be tapped. It’s not just what is going on in your business, but what’s not going on,” he said.

He said that by capturing unstructured, or semi structured information from social media or web-logs for example, it was possible to get more insights about issues such as why a sales campaign worked so much better in Brisbane than it did in Perth, and then use that information to inform future decision making.

Analysis about the impact of big data published by McKinsey & Co in 2011 suggested retailers could boost operating margins by 60 per cent by fully exploiting big data while the US healthcare sector could liberate $US300 million value each year by using big data to drive efficiency and quality. According to Mr Hardie in the current economic climate those are attractive prospects which are lifting interest in big data."

[Full article here:]

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Thought leader & Quantivo CEO Dave Robbins speaks up about the broken world of #analytics

When did loopholes become best practice?

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