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Sunday: Pumpkin Preserves
I'm not going to write about politics, although my heart is heavy. Instead, I'm going to tell you about the day I spent with my mom, Sunday, November 6, making pumpkin preserves. It was a really nice day. Early Sunday morning, I drove my friend Jana to the ...

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Slow-cooked Lentils: The heart wants what it wants
The other night, I was talking to a Lebanese-Australian guy at a bar (as one does). And as I do when confronted with an Arabic-speaker, I turned the conversation to language. He mentioned that the Arabic word for 'heart' is qalb , and it got me thinking. Wh...

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In my head, masters are the people in old Italian paintings, the porcelain skin of their faces framed by frilly collars and antiquated hairstyles.  It's harder to recognize a master in our midst.  But I've come to believe that pastry chef Fariba Nafissi of ...

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A Taste of the East
I feel like I'm constantly ranting about how people always equate Jewish food with Eastern European food: matzoh balls and gefilte fish, bagel and lox.  I didn't try matzoh ball soup until college, was introduced to lox at a weekend sleepover in elementary ...

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Mom's Polo Shevid Baghali in Lucky Peach
Those hands belong to my mom, Violet.  She was halving baghali , fava beans, for one of my favorite dishes of hers, polo shevid baghali .  I am beyond thrilled to report that I got to cook this dish with her, and interview her about her own food memories, f...

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In February, I spent two weeks in Vietnam.  As much as I love to travel, I'd never made it to Southeast Asia, and none of my past adventures prepared me for this world.  I frequently felt unequipped.  I loved it. With the explosion of life on the sidewalks ...

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Scenes from an Iranian-American Passover Seder
I failed to take my good camera with me to my parents' house last night, but I had to share some quick phone snaps.  It occurs to me how unfamiliar a lot of people are with the Passover dinner that I know.  Nary a brisket, matzoh ball, or jellied, goopy bal...

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Black Eyed Peas at Sabzi
As Sara over at the beautiful blog Sabzi is swamped with grad-schooly things right now, she asked me to write a guest post, requesting something Iranian Jewish and wintry.  This black eyed pea recipe resembles what Iranian Jews eat on Rosh Hashana, but also...

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Orange Almond Cake with Candied Kumquats
I've talked before here about the fact that I celebrate New Years three times each year: on January 1, on Rosh Hashana, and on Norouz, the Persian new year. This year, there's a fourth. I spent the second half of February in Vietnam (more on that soon), an...

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Real Talk 3: Accountability
Part 3 in a series.  I've employed some practices, and have had some things on my mind, that I'm really excited about, and I'd like to share them here.  Not all directly food- nor LA-related, though food certainly weaves through these stories.  I'm calling ...
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