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Heidi owns the couch
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Matilda, my beloved Straggler, received her Cross of St. Andrew decal on the top tube in recognition of St; Andrew's day today.  Capped off the day with a lovely post sunset run.  A bit chilly, but the wind was at my tail, and it felt damned good to be alive.
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My little Heidi just got a trim. Looking good. 
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My big girl is the boss indoors. I love her attitude and the way she handles the kids. Gentle, but firm.
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Geoffrey Morrison

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Lots of cars, narrow roads, and it looks interesting. But, the 10x speed is dizzying to watch, and makes it all but impossible to enjoy the urban landscape. 
Best friend
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Anybody have any experience with a power generating front hub to charge my Garmin and 'phone?
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Here is his review:

Here is information on the Dynamo I ordered.

Dynamo: SON28, Polished, 36 hole, Part Number SCH303601: $ 282.00

It is also available in a 32 hole version.


I also purchased:

Headlight: Luxos U, Part # B&M179U-04LSR, 54cm length wire to handlebar switch/USB port: $ 258.00

Taillight: Toplight Line Plus BrakeTec with pulse, Part # B&M323ALTV-A: $ 57.00

Schmidt Co-Axial 55cm wire to connect Luxos to SON dynamo hub, part # SCH55CM48-3: $ 10.00

Schmidt Co-Axial 190cm wire to connect Luxos to taillight, connectors at both ends, part # SCH72080: $ 12.00


               The headlight is very bright headlight and has a wide flooding beam. The taillight is large and has braking indication; it also doubles as a reflector. I feel very comfortable riding at night and other limited visibility situations using this combination. It is all LED so there is very little drag when everything is turned on. I leave them on all the time; even on bright sunny days so I people can still see me when I ride into the shadows of roadside trees.
               I also feel more comfortable with the co-axial wiring then I do with the two wire cables.

               The dynamo will keep my Garmin Touring Plus charged but it can't keep up with the drain of a smart phone. I found you need a battery between your Garmin and/or smartphone so you keep external power applied when going slowly up a steep hill. If you don't use the battery, the devices detect the loss of external power and start sounding alarms which uses precious power.

               I purchased my battery from Radio Shack (1000Ah). It has both a 1 A port that is sufficient for the Garmin and a 2.1A port need to charge my smart phone. The 10000Ah capacity allows me to charge both my Garmin and my smart phone overnight with power to spare. This is very helpful if I am camping and don't have AC access. I can charge the battery while riding the next day.


               I am very pleased with my lighting system. I have it on my touring bicycle which I use for heavy touring, light touring on groomed trails, and for winter commuting when the roads are sloppy and I am riding in the dark quite often. (I use my road bike with a simple battery powered headlight and taillight combo in the summer when the roads are cleaner and when there are many daylight hours.) #Dynamo #BikeLighting
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Heidi OWNS the couch.  She is all over the best seat in the house, per usual.  On another note, I have had a really hard two weeks.  It looks like my ex might have cancer (ovarian), my mother broke two vertebrae in her back (no paralysis thank God), and one of my kids has been giving me grief like Santa gives out toys to tots.

I have had lots of dogs in the past, but Heidi is my first Schnauzer, and I don't know if I am reading it wrong, but she seems to be extremely intuitive regarding my emotional state.  Yesterday, I was really down. I was sitting on the front stoop and I was actually sort of crying (just tears), and she came up to me and climbed up in my lap and licked my cheeks (probably the salty water was the draw), but I swear that there was more to it than that.  It was as if she really knew I was down, and she wanted to be there for me.  I've never had a dog who reacted to my moods like that.  I gotta say, she is the best dog I've ever had, and when I am with her, I feel very secure.
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Good luck to the ladies in your life, including that darling Schnauzer that helps you thru this.  I have no doubt that she knows. 
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