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Business, Motivation & Leadership through the eyes of an Entrepreneur
Business, Motivation & Leadership through the eyes of an Entrepreneur


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How to Win Any Argument
Learn a simple but powerful communication framework that will help you win arguments, avoid conflicts AND achieve the best possible outcome in negotiations.

To see how Entrepreneurial Thinking can help your organisation avoid disruption, check out

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The Power of Great Leadership - A Kung Fu Inspired Business Lesson for 2018!
This year I hope all CEOs engage their most important asset - their people. An organisation that is fully aligned always achieved their mission whereas an organisation that doesn't, soon becomes irrelevant.

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There isn't a problem in the world that cannot be solved by getting around the right people and asking the right questions.

The insights and perspective learned from 5 minutes with this legend on the weekend was truly priceless. Even though we were at a wedding, Tony made sure he left me better than when he found me - with amazing insights, valuable perspective and two scotches instead of one! That's leadership personified 😉

So... this week as you roll out - who are you going to invest your time with? Remember you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. Choose wisely!

Rock on Entrepreneurs!

- AJ~

#entrepreneurship #leadership #success
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Entrepreneurial Thinking for Kids - WTM #46

I hate it when cool young people are mislabeled "D" students - disengaged, delinquent and disruptive. In my experience most of the time these students possess skills and desires that just don't fit the traditional education system. Maybe they're Entrepreneurs in the making and just need a little help and guidance to support their talent in the right way. That's what this week's episode is all about. I hope it inspires you to new levels this week. Rock on! - AJ~
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In this episode of WTM I look at a really simple shortcut to help business leaders expand their thinking. Hope it inspires you to new levels. - AJ~
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Not sure about the new Ferrari Portofino. What do you think?

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For centuries philosophers have asked "If a tree falls in the woods and no one is around, does it make a sound?" Whereas the Entrepreneur asks "How can we eliminate sound and who else might want this problem solved?" Think like an Entrepreneur:

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Decided to open up my video blog outside of Facebook. Here's the first public version. Hope it takes your thinking to new levels! - AJ~

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The Lost Art of Leadership

Have you noticed lately how the world seems to have an abundance of “Leadershit” instead of Leadership?

There are people in power making decisions that compromise our basic human values of trust, loyalty and respect. As a result we’ve come to expect the worst from our "leaders" and this attitude causes more complaining at all levels when things go wrong or aren't done properly.

Worse, when someone steps up and actually tries to fix a problem, they face an incredible uphill battle because of a lack of trust. And if by some sliver of bad luck this aspiring leader screws up while trying to fix a problem, they are instantly crucified and labelled "just like the rest".

This needs to stop.

We need to flood our minds with positive role models of good leaders to re-inspire us what leadership actually means. We need to rebuild our trust in leadership as a capability to solve problems.

So how do we achieve that?

Well you as an existing or aspiring leader, need to step up and play a bigger game. Let me break it down.

Great Leaders Embrace Communication

The other day I stumbled upon a live stream from Don Meij, the CEO of Dominos, Australia’s largest pizza chain. Don was inside one of the store kitchens, wearing an apron and gloves instead of the traditional corporate suit and tie. He began demonstrating Dominos fast cook ovens by making a pizza and cheesy garlic bread and told us a bit about what was happening in the company.

I was stunned.

Here was a leader of a major Australian company giving us a behind the scenes look at what's happening and why it's important. It had such a different effect to seeing an ad or reading an annual report. It was personal. It was relatable. It was human. And THAT is what creates trust in today’s world.behind the scenes look at what's happening and why it's important. It had such a different effect to seeing an ad or reading an annual report. It was personal. It was relatable. It was human. And THAT is what creates trust in today’s world.

But did it work?

Hellz yeah!

The comments on the video were extremely positive. They weren't just from customers but also other franchise store owners who were excited because their leader was actually doing what a leader is meant to do.

To extrapolate why this is relevant to you, think about what Don is doing here. He's getting out of his office, rolling up his sleeves and telling us what's going on. Most importantly he is demonstrating to us how excited he is about the changes and what they mean to the ecosystem of the company - its people, shareholders, franchisees and customers. When was the last time you saw a “leader” do that?

Such a simple gesture from a leader has such a huge impact given the world we live in today.

Great Leaders Guide Followers

Tech startup Speedlancer ( has a unique implementation of leadership. Many of you might not have heard of them so bear with me for a moment while I explain who they are and why they are brilliant.

Those of you who use freelancing platforms know how time-consuming it is to post a job, wade through tonnes of proposals and then select the right person for you. Well Speedlancer does all that heavy lifting for you.

All you have to do is post a job and then wait for the result. Their visual project management workflow is pure gold and allows you to instantly know where a task is at, so you can focus on doing what you do best and let the software handle the rest. Using Speedlancer is less like outsourcing important tasks to strangers, and more like having extended family (ones that you actually like!), to get stuff done!

Okay back to the story.

After hearing all the international reviews about them I decided to check them out. So I signed up and when I logged in, up pops this little message window with a personalised greeting offering to show me around the software.

The thing is, the greeting isn’t just from anyone - it's from Adam Stone, the CEO of Speedlancer who is walking me through the platform. AND he's got his LinkedIN and Twitter details on there so I can go to him directly if something goes wrong.

Let me give you some context as to why I valued this approach.

I’m passionate about cars and I frequently visit a very popular motoring website here in Australia to read reviews on new models. But every time I visit that website, a little popup chat window appears along with an annoying bell and asks me if I want to chat with a team member. I know it’s just a chatbot and since I’m there to read reviews, I automatically close it. But it doesn’t take the hint and every time I open up that website or a new tab to read about a different model, the bell goes off and the chat windows appear.

Now when I visit the website I turn my sound off and get ready to close the windows as soon as they pop up. Rather than enhancing my experience it annoys the sh*t out of me. This is also an example of disconnected leadership as someone in that company authorised this torture.

Speedlancer’s popup is different. It’s not intrusive, it’s helpful. I’m new to the environment and don’t know much about the platform so I would relish some digital guidance as a first time user. I don’t care if it’s not a live chat or even if it’s a chatbot because the pic on the popup isn't just some random employee that I have no intention of caring about. It's the leader of the company, showing up to face his customers and accept responsibility for their success or failure on his software.

That's instant credibility. That's instant trust. THAT is leadership.

Great Leadership Isn’t Complicated

Such simple things as stepping up and showing your face to customers blows my mind because we live in a world where our "leaders" hide behind policies, procedures and closed doors. They're quick to claim micro successes and even quicker to shift the blame when things go wrong. That’s the status quo of leadership today and it needs to change.

You don't need a title to lead. All you need is a desire to step up to help those around you. That's how we influence the world to become a better place. And when you think about it in the grand scheme of things, can we afford not to?

- AJ~

Who is AJ?
AJ Kulatunga is a keynote speaker and management consultant on Entrepreneurial Thinking who helps companies select and implement ideas that solve problems.

#entrepreneurship #leadership #management #customerexperience
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How to Start a Successful Business Today

"What business should I start?" - That's a question I get asked A LOT from people fed up of working in a traditional 9-5 job.

Kudos on your desire to take control of your own job security, but that's the wrong question to ask.

See the world has changed and while there has never been a better time to start a business, it's also never been harder to get a customer because personal problems are abundant and trust has been eroded.

The "build it and they will come" mentality no longer works 99% of the time. The other 1% is another story and involves chasing greatness - not building a business.

So for those of you already in a job and are thinking about starting your own business, here's the right question to ask using an Entrepreneurial Mind -

"What problem can I solve?"

This is an entirely different focus to "I've got skills in X and people need that so I'm going to start a business."

This is a much easier way to sell your products / services. All you have to do is approach people who have that specific problem and DEMONSTRATE how your products/services solve that problem for them.

And you should test your idea out even before you start your business by building/creating a MINIMUM viable product/service.

If people pull out their wallets and buy from you, then you know you have a viable business. If they don't, then it's back to the drawing board.

An Example of Business Failure - Avoided

I'm working right now with a retired accountant overseas (let's call her Sally!) who wants to start a business teaching spoken English. Sally believes she can make a lot of money because there are plenty of other spoken english classes around - so it must be in demand.

Sally already spent a lot of money finding a suitable premises and fitting it out as a classroom. She then came to me to help her with marketing. When I asked her about her value proposition and her target market, all she could tell me was that she was teaching spoken english to anyone who wanted to learn.

So I told her to get 3 potential students and ask them a bunch of questions to gather what problems they had. She said she couldn't do that because that's not how things worked in her country. "I have to advertise and then I will get hundreds!"

So Sally went ahead and spent some more money and ran some ads.

No one came. No one inquired. No one cared.

Sally was heartbroken. She'd spent so much money already thinking this would be amazing but in the end it didn't work out. She felt like chucking in the towel and trying to find a job instead. But then she thought no one would hire her because of her age.

So Sally gave it one last shot and tried what I suggested. She found some students and asked them about their challenges and desires with regards to learning English. Their answers were pure gold and Sally found out a tonne of useful information that we then used to build her a successful marketing campaign. We focused on solving student problems and her first class got booked out within a few weeks. Also based on the insights we gained, Sally discovered an additional revenue stream by offering English tuition to school children as well. Now she's able to recover her startup costs quicker and reach profitability sooner.


This is the essential nuts and bolts of how to use Entrepreneurial Thinking to start a successful business. There's a lot more depth to the topic but if you follow the steps outlined in the pic below you'll definitely be ahead of the business failure curve. And if you want more ideas on this topic join my FB Page (FB/AJKulatunga) where I share stories, insights and techniques to help you develop your Entrepreneurial Mind.

Please share this post with anyone you know thinking of starting their own business. I hope it stops them from wasting precious time, money and energy and gives them the best possible chance of success.

Nothing but success to you,


#smallbusiness #entrepreneurship
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