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MReunion Labs Page. To get us closer to the user.
MReunion Labs Page. To get us closer to the user.

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Rolling out komutta 0.8.31 (Gapeka 13 market 2015) to all user. 

We are still updating the new krl price structure. Please wait for another update.

We'll be taking our server down to do some upgrades. So our website and its services will be down for a few hours.

EDIT: The upgrade is over. All of our server and services are up again. 

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Update 0.6.6
- Add More TV Stream
- Fix ANTV and Metro TV dead channel
- Use borderless button for User Channel
- Fix Jasa Marga User Channel 

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Komutta Update 0.8.17, minor gapeka changes in 9 oct for serpong & parung panjang. Get it from our website and Google Play

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Komutta 0.8.16 update

- New train schedule based on sept GAPEKA
- Change some APTB number according to feedback
- Add DAMRI schedule in BUS info

Get it from playstore or from our website :)

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We've got some news for you. KuData (Or the app formerly known as MRSurvey) Is now live. We'll be entering a Private Beta soon. And we'll be asking some of your help to test it :)

On a smaller note, we fix the empty schedule for some of the IndoTV Channel. Stay tune :)

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KoinKulator Update 
- Fix settings button for device without hard button
- Using endless list to automatic load as you scroll down
- Add toast message when backup/restore is finished
- fix list not refreshing after changing period

Get it from Google Play

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Update IndoTV 0.6.5

- Add jasa marga user channel cctv for mudik lebaran travelers
- Rewrite notification. Add progress bar and other info so user will have better understanding about the sync process.
- Fix error when closing the app before finishing sync.
- Fix dead schedule
- Update Adobe Flash auto installer to

Some technical detail. The Jasa Marga source is not actually a live  stream. But a small video that's being update at regular interval. So the application will loop the current video and check the server every 3 minute if there's a new video available.

We're still tuning the server, so probably there will be some downtime in the near future.

Enjoy :)
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Updated Komutta to 0.8.14. Add map for angkot (non-smooth). Check it out in Google Play or from our website.

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Rute PAC70. It still rough. Hey, at least it's a start right. Don't hate us for it :)
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