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Can you easily turn bitching into targeted ads? If so Google has done an amazing job with the new design. I have never seen so many whining tech journalists.

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Mmm, science!

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Siri may not be quite the joyous experience you had thought...

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Paris abandoned under a couple of feet of water. A very odd atmospheric video.

Having a read of K&R. I still think C is a very elegant thing. RIP Dennis Ritchie.

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Siri looks more and more fun the more people get to mess with it. Though the places to dump a body one is a bit freaky...

Apple you had me worried there. iOS 5 now installing. If it goes into restore mode remain calm, just keep trying. Apple's servers are busy.

Heading home from Bournemouth, warm Bournemouth. :( ITIL training was good if abbreviation-tastic. SLA, OLA, UC, ITSM, CI, CMDB, SKMS etc

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Dear Australians, golf in no way requires this add on.
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