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Expect the expected. It leaves more room for delight.
Expect the expected. It leaves more room for delight.

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47 years ago today, MIT computer scientist Margaret Hamilton's code landed humans on the moon.

Photo: Lego NASA Women

#Apollo11 #Lego #WomeninSTEM  #MoonLanding  #Code 

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MY FELLOW DALRY-IANS, neighbours, dogs and hobos, today I made £30 for an hours work!  You can too.  It's on behalf of the government, they're buying friends, nobody likes them (of course we love them all).  Here's the details, it's about 20 minutes walk to the place just off George Street, and I think they need maximum non-working folk, because they need a feedback on a project principally for them.


We are looking for people aged 13-24 to take part in a research event about employment opportunities in Scotland. 

We are paying £30/cash for one hour of your time
Date:        Thursday 5th November 
Time:        10:30, 11:45, 4:30pm
Location: Edinburgh, West End (Close to the Station) 

Please tell your friends, family and colleagues about this project as we are looking for a wide variety of people to take part in this study.  
 If you are interested in taking part or for further information please respond to this email ( answering the questions below:  

1. Are you Employed (if yes, what is your occupation?) 
2  What is your contact telephone number?
3. How old are you?
4. What day's/times are you available?

We look forward to hearing from you.  

Laura Ivory 
Fieldwork Manager 
Recruitment for Research 
tel: 0207 263 4180 
mobile: 07512782736

If you are the sort to fall in love it would be easy to fall in love with their staff, look at all the thumbs up they're getting.  If it were Gladiator it would be a dull dull evening.  GUYS, WOMEN, £30, 1 hour, 4 REAL!

Dear folk of Dalry Edinburgh, if you sign up for this volunteering and contact me here, and I don't fail in the interim, I will do my very best to get you a job @ £10 an hour.  I will also provide you with any help which you may need to make that happen.

Equipment Demonstrator
Action on Hearing Loss Scotland
Demonstrate a range of equipment, such as flashing doorbells, Telephones and TV listening
devices. Full equipment training will be provided free
Contact: Malaika Rose 0141 341 5330

Malaika is offering a ladder.  Ladders are good.  You can change lightbulbs.  Clean cobwebs.  Build a fulfilling life.

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"If a zombie catches a human by positioning itself in the same cell, the zombie enjoys some delicious human brains. Being a Computer Scientist, the human has plenty of brains to spare and continues to live on in our simulation ☺." - principles of computing #Coursera  .

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What time is it?  Choc-a-clock-a-late.  #DanielKitson, putting a dent in the universe, a dent of love.

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Wonderful video.  Coursera - helping exceed THE MAN.
Vivek Shangari grew up orphaned. Watch how he built himself as an entrepreneur with the help of Coursera. Become your best self:

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The UNESCO World Heritage site Palmyra has captivated international attention since May, when the Islamic State (ISIS) seized the territory around the ruins. But the ancient city earned its true infamy long ago—and for very different reasons.

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Sparta, home of Leonidas, is in the plain to the right, Kalamata, on the bay, has fancy Olives.

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Eric Lander is skiving from  #edx  #7.00x @ the West Wing.
Happy 5th Birthday #WestWingWeek! For the past 5 years, we've brought you inside the #WestWing as never before. Watch President Obama take you through his week in this special 5th anniversary edition → 
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