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Paul McGucken (WeBuyHousesPaul)
Real Estate Cash Investor Partners "Doing The Right Thing For All Involved!"™
Real Estate Cash Investor Partners "Doing The Right Thing For All Involved!"™

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It's good to read clear, concise strategic advice accompanied by simple images. Supporting statements using real world examples here lend simplicity to a daunting task.

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Wow. We expect to rent at $1,050. Results show it's reasonable: Your results are based on:
32 single bedroom rentals a 0.11 mile radius.
Median rent: $925
Average rent: $1464
20th / 80th percentile: $750 / $1375
10th / 90th percentile: $725 / $1550

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My Friend, If you didn't have a healthy butterfly or two in your stomach occasionally, I'd be concerned. You look great! Most wouldn't try what you've succeeded - oooh, it's too haaard! Few will reach your level - Nooo, I'm not that smart! You're almost alw...

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Wow, amazing talent and intricate design in a field I seldom think about and have never studied. I have trouble finding the eyedropper tool. Personally, this level is unattainable. Fotolia is getting a serious second look to help us in my company's creative designs.

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Looking for a private money silent cash investor partner to take 2nd position on a 4-unit apartment and 1-single family house near the cleanest break south of Huntington at So Cal's Surf City Ocean Beach. Steps from sun sand warm and beautiful world renowned and earthy OB people!

Here's what you get-->> Properties ARV (After Repair Value) = $1,650,000.00 PRIME COASTAL light traffic, easy freeway access, Robb Field Soccer Park, Backs-up against a green belt Dusty Rhodes Park!!

We're opening escrow in the morning: Price = $1.23MM, repairs = $70k, 120 day flip to rehab units = $250,000 profit. You share the wealth with me 50/50 and go the term, we split the back end! If you bail, there's a reduced ROI for you sure, but who would back out of a 30% discount "you do nothing" lay in the sun, bank your share by fall and hit the slopes!? If we refi or you bring another $75k in you get proportionally higher ROI of our profit: $423,000.00. The units then range from $349,900 to the Executive Level $499,900 as San Diego's newest luxury condos! ARV = $2,189,500.00 and SOLD OUT by Q4 2014.
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We're looking beyond here in San Diego, to include Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Houston this year in our investment strategy. We welcome more detailed criteria from Chinese cash buyers so we can keep our eyes open for them. We run across deals like this all the time.

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I've had my HTC One for a week now after my Evo V3D failed. And my Samsung Tab2 7.0 has been with me for six months. It's about time I take all my case diagrams and the lectures from last summer and put the material to good use - an app! I just made a couple dollars flipping a house. There was an enormous amount of number-crunching and using data from everywhere. Plus, contacts and pics, appointments and notes. Emails, on and on. But mostly there was my behavior, traits, diligence, determination to not let go. And to get through the self-doubt and pull myself out in the low times. Reassurances built in - an app that pulls you along, on the right course. Set from the beginning - milestones measuring progress to the goal!
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