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Inexpensive but average VPN option

With the recent press on the changes in that law that will allow ISPs to share your data (which is a bit overblown IMHO), one method for the average person to control their privacy is a VPN.

If you are looking for a cheap option for VPN service, TNW is offering a $29 lifetime subscription to TigerVPN.

Read the fine print - it only allows 2 simultaneous connections to a limited list of their servers, but for limited/part time usage, it's not bad. I've been testing it with the available US servers and my DL speed was reduced by 15 to 30% on average. While I definitely would NOT do my banking through a VPN of this type, for those that are more on the suspicious/cautious side - it may provide a reasonable alternative. BUT...before jumping on the VPN bandwagon, some are not as safe as the portend:

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Be careful what you wish for

"As democracy is perfected, the office of president represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart's desire and at last the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.”
HL Mencken Baltimore Sun 1920

- or at least the soul of those who voted for him. How long before they rue the day?

This has popped up in the past, but seems appropriate now more than ever.

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That's not the America I sacrificed for!

I think his first 100 days will set a new precedence - and not what he was hoping for...

What have you sacrificed, Mr. President?

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France makes organ donation, opt OUT.
About time someone did this. Let's hope the US and other countries follow their lead.

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The best commentary on our current political mess that I have read.

"Does anyone actually believe that Leonardo DiCaprio, Ellen DeGeneres, and Ed Norton would encourage the “masses” to vote, if they believed the “masses” would elect Donald Trump?"

Dumb and Dumber-er

-and I'm not referring to the crappy movie, but the current sideshow of a presidential race in our country. As to which is which, I don't think it matters, neither appears presidential to me and it appears to be a race to see who will have the 'least worse' unfavorable ratings.

Instead of 'Make America Great Again' or 'Im with Her', perhaps they should use 'I suck LESS!'

Congress and the Supreme Court will be more important than ever... Dang, guess we are totally screwed.

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The Gift of Life

Are you registered as an organ donor? If not, please consider it next time you renew your license, and in the interim - tell your next of kin of your wishes and tweet/post #isupportorgandonation  or I want to be an #organdonor .

Personally, I think organ donation should opt OUT. Meaning, by default everyone is considered to have given consent to be a donor. If you do not want to be a donor, you can opt OUT by submitting your name/dob/ssn to a national registry. Then, when you pass - all the hospital need do is check to see if you opted out and if not - lives are saved. The shortage would disappear overnight - it would also do away with the selling/harvesting of organs as there would no longer be a market for them.

Unfortunately, that is not going to happen anytime soon (if ever), so for now #isupportorgandonation .

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Lesser of two evils bad choices

Now with the presumptive bozo prevaricating / pontificating / puss-tulating, I am faced with having to either not vote, write in a candidate or hold my nose and vote for Hillary.

How did we get to this point?

Then I saw this opinion by Scott Adams - so, now I'm practicing my 'Canadian'

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The Fallen

If you are a history buff or simply interested in the scale of the loss of human life during WWII, this site does an excellent job at presenting the data.

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Donald Trump and the Extremes

I did not watch last nights Republican debate as they are never really debates. Just one liners, deflections, accusations and reprisals.

This summary from the NYT shows that Cruz and Rubio have taken the gloves off and tagged teamed 'the Donald' last night. Unfortunately, the debate format left little time for either Kasich or Carson.

I know it's too much to hope that 'the Donald and the Extremes' will self-destruct, but the 3 of them did show more of their true colors.
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