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Hey Google, how is that iPhone users can all get their OTA on the same day but my Nexus 7 still telling me its up to date when KitKat is available???

My love affair with android is over.

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This is awesome! 

What happened to the focus settings on the camera? I used to be able to select macro but that is gone.

Is is possible to enable infinite scroll for home screens on Trebuchet? 

Has anyone purchased a new Nexus 4? Has anyone experienced multiple crashes/reboots per day?

Is it possible to apprentice with a developer? Like in the old time, you know blacksmith style.

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The washing machine made a break for it.

I wish my Galaxy Note(I717) would stop randomly restarting.  Is there a solution or do I need to go back to CM 9?

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I got greedy and didn't go get more gas :(
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