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Beautiful Food, Beautiful Penang !
Beautiful Food, Beautiful Penang !


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Public Cafe and Gurney for Lunch or Brunch ?
Are you in the mood for hawker food ? Here is somewhere you can go ... Do you feel like eating a little bit of everything, and don't feel like lining up for the most famous ones in Penang, Try Public Cafe at Gurney Drive Aunty Mary's biscuits This aunty has...

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Fresh, Fast, Cheap !
Have you heard of 'Chu Chang Kar' ? Literal translation from Hokkien dialect - Tree Root But this place is called Weld Quay Tree Shade Seafood Restaurant 18 & 21 Weld Quay, 12000, Georgetown, Penang (Just opposite Penang Ferry Terminal) and sometimes The Re...

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Still in the mood for Chinese food ? How about May Garden ?
If you are an old timer, you will remember the best suckling pig is from May Garden. Not sure if this has changed. But if you are looking for a good suckling pig meal, this place will never let you down.  Here is also one of the rare restaurants in Penang ...

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 This is one of the most unique mains I have ever eaten ... Scroll down ...  Known for its soft shell crab burger But I found something even better !  French toast Duck egg Maple Chorizo Smoked Oreo Crumbs Salted Caramel Ice Cream   All put together ... tas...

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Chinese New Year Delights @ Starview Restaurant
Chinese New Year is just round the corner ... Welcoming the year of the Goat. Time to spend good, quality Food Time with family and friends. Here is one suggestion. Instead of ordering a 10 course meal, why don't order only the best or maybe we should put i...

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Pancake & Creppe ... Anyone ???
 The Famous Tabriz French crepe rolled around premium minced beef, slow cooked in red wine with herbs, bacon, mushrooms and tomatoes. Looking for a quick lunch ? Yummy and affordable ... Tried the Crepe and Potato pancake. Both were delicious ... portions a...

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Of wines, ales, ciders ... and all foods sinful ...
 I am a Guiness person. I am a draught person. If you have similar taste, my task today is to share with you my discovery. Took me a while to find the drink of my choice when I walk into a pub in Aussie land. Guiness is not as easy to find here ... So I set...

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Specially For The Beef Lovers ...
Happy New Year Folks !!! Today we do a special for all the Foodie Beef Lovers. This place is about 6 months old ... One question for all ... How many beef noodle places have you been that has good service, clean, people are serious bout taking your orders i...

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Need a Coffee Fix ?
 Living in the West and looking for a place with good, strong coffee to start your day ? Here is the place to go. Located in a simple and unassuming Watervale Shopping Centre, is the non other than Watervale Cafe   Choice of seating indoors or al fresco.  O...

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Somewhere Classy For Christmas ???
Loads of budding cafes and restaurants has appeared over the past few months ...   I would like to bring you back in time ... reminiscing our good old Equatorial Hotel. While the hype continues along the tourist belt of Tanjung Bungah, let us not forget The...
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