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life coach | writer | dreamer | free-spirit
life coach | writer | dreamer | free-spirit


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As the year comes to a close, the energy of reflection and entering the new year with intention is at an all-time high.

I've been making space for that... the processing, reflecting, and the lessons waiting to be unearthed.

Quite frankly, these past few months have stirred up a lot. If anything, 2016 has not been about subtleties.

It's in my nature to search for the words, to make sense of it all logically, and bring the lessons to light. It's when there's a (seemingly) lack of answers that I struggle with. Wouldn't it be nice to have everything neat and tidy, tied with a bow? Where it all makes sense and you don't find yourself lost in the unknown or trying desperately to bring forth a sense of clarity to whatever space you find yourself in?


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Over the past two years, I've felt like I've been in the thick of my own transformation. There have been moments where I've felt overwhelmed by just how much there's been to process, to let go of, to accept...

Sometimes I resisted that change and struggled to grasp what my new identity was.

Some days I hardly recognized myself. Other days, I felt more aligned than I ever have before. There's been so much clarity, and yet - so much that felt foggy and uncertain.

I've asked myself, "Who am I, now that I am no longer who I was before?"


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I have something extra special to share: the finale of the Live Life On Your Terms interview series. Having the incredible honour of connecting and sharing inspiring women from all around the world has undoubtedly opened my heart to even more gratitude.

Today is no exception.

Kylie Aloi from Be Present has sifted through her own set of challenges, unsure of what it was she was passionate about, and confused about which direction to take in her life. It wasn't until she was introduced to the world of coaching that it clicked.

Today, Kylie is a passionate coach driven by connection and honouring our unique individual needs who helps driven business women tune out everyone else's ideas, expectations and demands and tune back into their own.

Can I get a hell yes?!

Without further ado, the last inspiring Live Life On Your Terms interview, with the gorgeous Kylie Aloi...

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Rachael Kable's journey started with a life of mindlessness, full of stress, self-doubt and fear. Time was spent dwelling on the past and things that couldn't be changed, or worrying about the future.

These days, Rachael is a mindfulness mentor, blogger, speaker and host of the top-rated podcast, The Mindful Kind who brings mindfulness into her life anywhere and everywhere. By consciously practising mindful eating, mindful walking, mindful listening and mindful breathing.

Today, Rachael is sharing more about her story that you may not already know, the limiting beliefs she's busted through, the action she takes to work past overwhelm and resistance... and so more much.

Juicy. Real. Truth. You're going to love it:

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Beyond excited to have Elizabeth McKenzie on this week's Live Life On Your Terms. She's sharing loads of incredible insights that are guaranteed to speak to your soul.

Resistance pops up in the follow through because that’s when the real work starts. That’s when you start to see results, when things start to cement themselves. And I want to bail. I pretty much ask myself: what’s up with X today? And I talk through it like I’m in couples counselling to figure out where the resistance is and what we need to do to move past it.

It’s super weird when you do it alone while walking the dogs, but hey, I’ve had the best conversations with myself and we’ve resolved so much from just chatting it out.

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What would it feel like to break the rules? To drop the story of what you "should" do - to experience balance in your life, to be successful in your business, to go beyond where you are and take things to the next level?

The cool thing is, you get to decide.

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"YOU are your ultimate guru, no one else. Always run the words, teachings, suggestions or advice you receive through your own prism and see if it shines true for YOU, don’t just take it on because someone tells you to."

My gorgeous friends, it's time to introduce you to the incredible Carly Stephan, who is wildly passionate about braiding the earth, soul, spirit and cosmos in to my work and creative expression.

She spends her days helping women unleash their potent life force energy and live at their highest, light-filled potential in every moment.

A modern-day mystic after my own heart.

Soak up Carly's incredible wisdom - a little soul nourishment at its finest.

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Do you struggle with structure and discipline? For years, I've been running away from discipline. It's been all about sprinting towards freedom.
Even the words 'structure' and 'discipline' left a bad taste in my mouth. "Nope! Not for me." I'd say.
But somewhere along the line, there was this voice that called out to me... a voice that was actually asking for more discipline. Asking for straight-up devotion.
Can you really find freedom in discipline? I think so.

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Sometimes we get caught up in the labels we place on ourselves and use them as reasons why we can't do whatever it is that truly lights us up. We play the story in our minds of "that's reserved for somebody else, not me. I'm too shy and quiet or I'm not bold, outgoing, or daring enough for that."
Katherine Mackenzie-Smith is an introverted, wildly successful coach who is smashing that myth outta the park - she's launched a successful, full-time coaching practice, been named ‘self help guru’ in Elle Magazine and a ‘champion of introverted leaders’, launched a podcast called The League of Extraordinary Introverts, and spends her days paving the way and helping introverts to shine in their own way. (Among many other incredible achievements too long to list here!)
Click here to read her inspiring interview on today's Live Life On Your Terms:

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First things first: Fear is a completely and totally normal human reaction. It's not something to be hated, to try and 'rid' yourself of, and your fear doesn't need to be told to just fuck right off.

Here are my top tips for handling fear (that'll totally change how you view it, for good)
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