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Just got mugged at gunpoint! (100% fine.) Syncing my 305 phone#. Was my work, 2nd iPhone. The crazy part? I struggled to keep it. REALLY stupid. But fight or flight kicked in, all adrenaline.

Also: as the guy ran, I kind of followed him. He got into a car and I got the license plate. Doubtful much can happen, as the driver was not the mugger.
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A lot can happen with a licence plate actually. Driver was not the mugger but he obviously knows who the mugger is. Don't give up so easily. Glad you're safe, by the way.
Dang, glad okay, didn't have tracking software running on it?
Naturally I did, +Thomas Osborne. They shut the phone down or pop the SIM card immediately. Remote requested a wipe in the event they ever power it back up in the right scenario. That's more important to me.

Even if you could trace it, what are you going to do, hang outside and look for the guy yourself? Or are the cops just going to randomly ask 5'11' african-american dudes if they took it? Or ask people with white iPhone 4Ss if you can check the serial # and where they bought it? Unfortunately, not like they stole a car...
Well that is the point of having tracking software right, to track it? Anything can be circumvented somehow but at least better than having nothing, hopefully can catch them somehow, good luck. 
Well, I appreciate the thought. I just think, realistically, it's only to find your phone if you left it somewhere. And to remote wipe wipe if you're lucky.

That the phone has been off/unresponsive since it happened is pretty much proof how unlikely it is.
True, if they know what they are doing they can make it tough, was hoping they'd be dumber thieves. 
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