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Liebes Finanzamt,

schmeiß bitte endlich diese Java-Schei*** aus ElsterOnline raus.

Sorgt bitte auf eurem Server für Sicherheit und belästigt uns nicht damit, dass unsere Java-Version nicht passt.

Providing a sponsor text for PyCon US visitors as a German company with a German homepage seems futile. I'm offering anyone to chat with me at PyCon instead ...

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Go, go, go!

Hmm. Establishing a new circle "Potential Spammers".

What's the preferred way to hook up twitter with Google+?

Multi-core VMs coming to in the next weeks. Just saw the integration working in our development environment today.

God damn it. "Verified by VISA" is the total show stopper for any online buying ...

The currently ongoing Zope security and data protection sprint (mostly for documentation) turns out to result in a couple of CVEs for products that have been programming against the model. "os.system" anyone?
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