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I believe the door was very heavy... poor little one! 
Still, amazing photo! love everything about it! Thanks for sharing it with us!
I smelz din-din! I'll haz what you iz hazing!
that cat's just desperate to get to the catnip on the other side of the door!
Na zi
very cute
Curiosity killed a cat.  Satisfaction brought it back.
Meg A
Poor kitty! !!!!!!!!!!
Very lovely Caturday! Pull me out of here or I'll die here!!!M j a u.....!
The master is in he will see you in a moment.
nice expression on his face, have all felt like that
look like me when im arguing with my closet in the mornin 
Cover                  =[^.^]=
Help Ive fallen and I can't get out! ;) 
someyimes i feel lik that. just lik "GET ME OUTA HERE!"
halarious like heck where do you find stuff like that
Prob just look up funny cats. they hav a bunch of stuff
The kittys head is going to be off.... someone is pushing the door in...... 
hate to meet that cat at my door
It wouldve been better if his eyeball popped out. Lol.
poor kitty or at  least i think its a kitty lol
opps my head help me i am dieing HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL
poor careful
Someone must have ripped a nasty one for kitty to try so hard.
Like beeing in jail. You are not getting out unless you have a blessing from above.

Is. That. Get. In. My. Life. Singers
get me out of here
im breaking out of jail thats wat its thinking
lol, if only the kitty could fly .....
That cat has ONE GIANT EAR!!!
I love this pic !! Sometimes I feel this way!!
Poor kitty it's so cute though, Love it
the kiitty is thinkin uuuurrrrrrrrggggg i cant into the dang bedroom and i have to go reeeeaaalllllll bad oh wait my litter box is on the other side of the house ........ oh well i'm already a quarter in.
kawai neko!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hahahahahahahahaha GET THORGHT THE DOOR!!!!!!!!!
Tsk tsk. Pity. Haha. 
how cute...................hahahha
so cute! I feel kinda bad for the cat though....
Oh no poor kitty wish it was not , HER / HIM stuck there #%€£¥ 
What a face. been there done that
A. Bea
My cats do that!!!
poor must have hurt itself......
no son de mi preferencia los gatos, pero esta foto esta genial :) lindo
Translate  him....
Please help my kitty poor baby is in pain ooo no !!! 
the photographer should have opened the door 4it instead of taking a photo of the poor thing getting squished...
a little kitty...what the kitty want ??
Yo people! This cat is not getting squished! If you've ever lived with a cat for any length of time, you'd know that this is how they open doors. They push their face against a cracked door and end up looking like this. It does not hurt them at all.
 i feel her emotionssss, SOME ON CANT HELP HER
Awwww!! Poor thing!!! Really cute tho!!!
So ADORBS!!! I Luv it <3 Kittyz RULE!!!
The kitty is so cute that door was so heavy that, well its show in the picture.
No, it isn't cat abuse because the situation is self-imposing. No one put the cat in that position besides the cat. At least, for all we know.
then how did u get this photo and also i have been meaning to ask you what state do you live in?
You can use the internet to make searches on any subject and use images free of copyright pictures and post them. I Live in London!
thanks for the information i live in the united states and i want to know more about you how old are you? what do you like to do? im nine years old and i like to play soccer.
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