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End of the day soon on its way!

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With words, how can we describe limitless beauty? 
Paradise indeed and we don't need to die to appreciate it! 
Lo Ma
Absolutely beautiful! Words are not enough to describe this beautiful moment! 
I stopped to look and stayed for 2 minutes. If you think about it that's a long time for people on the web to stop and look at anything GRATZ!
... God is Good and his servants capture this beauty for all of us to share... Thank You for a great look at life... Signed, Daniel Carroll, Sunset Beach, CA 90742
Naddy Y
I would die to see that 
amazing, beautiful, and incredible & remember God created all of it
Love these rays of light going through the clouds! And colors are just amazing!
Good bye sun. It wont be back until tomorrow
sunset of the arising in and coming forth th light of the way keep
wow...amazingly incredible. 
Absolutely Stunning! Awesome shot! thanks for sharing! :) )  Do you know where this is??
Mother nature! Everyday is a different story. 
Awesome... pretty nice pic...
nice but why small size? also you should crop a bit at the left side.
Feeling so incredible in a place like this
Awesome pic, however the bird looks huge!
if u havent edited d pic .. that makes d pic even more stunning .. i find so many gr8 pics but most of them are photoshoped .. urs deserve kudos ... 
I keep looking for the barge poler up in the sky.
wow!!SUPER DOPER LIKE!!! what settings did u used it? is it MANUAL?can you teach me . . .
Please check the link provided on the post title!
Thank you mam. . you take this picture?
Oh sorry. . .but  i like this picture you post. . .thanks . . .
Thank you for enquiring. The pictures posted on my profile are the ones with a special meaning to me! I am a nature's admirer so whenever I see something reflecting its beauties, I post it! I agree with you by liking this picture. I am never tired of staring at it!
Yeah . .its so nice. . .me too. .i very like to see a nature . . because nature pictures can refresh your mind  . . .i feel relaxing while viewing this pic . . .
So peacefully beautiful, it calms me down just seeing it
LOL!  I totally thought the same thing.  That or a guy riding some kind of magic carpet.
I just realized that, given the position of the bird's reflection and size in relation to the size and position of the boat, the bird must be bloody enormous!  Like some kind of super pterodactyl!  Photoshopped?
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