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The Electronic Church
Lately I have observed something that may be a good thing.
I’m not sure. In 1955 Robert Schuler started a church in a drive-in
theater, so that people could come and have the church experience without
getting out of their cars. That developed into the Chrys...
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Humility, what's that?
Humility, what does that mean? I once heard a brother quoted as saying, “At one time, I
thought humility was the most important thing, I was wrong, humility is
everything.” Humility: another of those religious words that seem to be
pretty difficult to pin d...
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Consider Joseph
This week we began a study of the gospel of Matthew with my
wife, her sister and her husband. We are simply taking 1 or 2 chapters and
looking at them together to see what God will show us. This week we looked at
Matthew 1 and 2, not a very popular passage,...
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Can We Agree Here
Last night as my wife and I
were in bed, after we had prayed, I lay thinking about the things I’ve heard
lately and the thought came to me. There are a lot of things that are unclear
in the Bible. There are a lot of questions that men find to argue about. L...
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How did Jesus overcome Sin?
How did Jesus Overcome Sin? This may seem like a moot question, since Jesus was God and
God cannot be tempted. That’s a whole other problem for another time, maybe. In Hebrews it says He was tempted in all points in the same
way we are yet he did not sin. (...
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A Letter To My Friends
To my Dear Friends, Whoever you are, I have asked that the friends of my
children and the friends of their friends from Facebook take the time to read
this short letter, but if you are reading this for any reason, thank you for
stopping by for a few minutes...
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Oil and light
Jesus told a story about 10 virgins waiting for the
bridegroom. (Matthew 25:1-13) He said 5 were wise and 5 were foolish. The wise
brought oil in their vessels. I think I may have found a little more understanding about
how this works in practical living. T...
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Always a Servant
Of Jesus, it says; “But made
himself of no reputation, and took upon himself the form of a servant, and was
made in the likeness of men.” (Philippians 2:7) He took the form of a
servant. I had never seen that before and cannot yet begin to comprehend the
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Is That Really Funny?
There have been times when I would laugh at jokes about
gays, disabled people and minorities. I even told some. There are other groups
that are the subject of humor. You might understand what I’m talking about;
People who aren’t like me; People who have dif...
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Jesus Didn't have a Webpage
Today I began by thinking about prayer and how my prayer
practice has developed over the years and I may write about that at another
time. But then I was thinking about Isaiah 42:1-4 which talks about the servant
of God that he will uphold, and of course re...
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