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For the third time in recent years, drought has returned to the Sahel region, bringing hunger to millions of people. In this +Google Maps, take a look at how the crisis is affecting each country, and the response that +World Food Programme has implemented, with the goal of reaching 9 million people.

Click on this link to access the map and use its interactive features:
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Crop insurance. Problem solved.
It is a shame for us, the affluent and technologically advanced people, if we cannot ensure sufficient food for every human being on this planet. 
+Mark Noble How can insurance help? I mean: you cannot eat money.

and look at one thing: insurance company want to have profit. right? so the prices will be so hig, that it would be inefective for countries. Or am i wrong?
Some people are convinced that money solves everything.  
+Michal Kravec So you think that if someone wrecks their car they try to drive around on a pile of money? Or if their house burns down, they live inside a money pile?
+Helder Louro said Money is the reason why scarcity exists! Money is the problem, it corrupts everything! you're blaming drought on money? This should be good.
I find it curious that those professing to be people of faith implement policies and laws that are furthest from the beliefs that they profess. If GOD created currency then we would be denominations of worth in the creators eye. GOD creates all equal so why aren't all equal in the sharing of the fruits?
+Kevin Cherry it is because of our greed
and love for money and material things. We all are created equal, however, we didn't chose whom and the circumstances we were born into. God gives to each one every talent we can manage, i.e., we were given responsibility to cultivate and persevere in it. 
Are you kidding me GOD did create all equal.
We are created in God's image and what part of that isn't equal?
The talents that God gives us are only pieces of a human puzzle that when brought together will allow us to truly transcend this limited existence.
+Helder Louro Money does not cause scarcity anymore than money causes wealth. Scarcity is the result of limited resources facing unlimited wants. This does not tell us anything about money or the allocation of resources in general. 
God created us to be enlightened beings who have unique abilities that the animal kingdom doesn't.
The Sahel region the cradle of early agriculture! The land is fertile but with out water its not much good. I hope the +World Food Programme focuses on sustainable water over mass influx of food aid. Africa needs investment not more hand outs. The Sahel region has the potential to become a economic powerhouse. Forget religious / political opinion focus on African investment please.
We are created with the potential of both physical and spiritual transcendence of this plane of existence. We have knowledge of  potential spiritual transcendence but realizing physical will only be known when we are unified by exhibiting unconditional love.
How can anyone say that their only purpose for existence is only that of an animal? We are given traits and potentials that are truly unique. How many animals can build a vehicle to traverse space or cure their ills? Give us divine beings more credit.
You may live a life of desperation but don't try to put that burden on the rest of us.
I don't understand why the IMF doesn't work to fund desalinization plants.
The purpose of the life of a rational person is productive work.  Pride is its result and reason is its source.  
Water is a simple matter considering that all land masses are surrounded by it. The will to liberate others from suffering isn't.
The purpose of life is to worship and honor that gift by serving being graciously to achieve our spiritual potential.
IMF should help fund exploratory drilling to hunt for water wells around 600ft range.
We have evolved. As to which God created humans well that is a different story. We all have an understanding as to who or what created being. My belief is that I have heavenly parents who love and desire each other.
I love the challenge of solving the impossible. One way to address this issue in the long term, is to develop water purification plants near the shores of areas desperate for clean water, then pipe it in. The benefits long term will outweigh the cost overall. We are getting to the point of being unable to feed our planet with 7 billion souls. To send water to Africa, India, South America to reintroduce forest, and of course our Midwest in America. There is also the option of this system reintroducing glaciers to the Artic and Antarctica during the winter season. #Water   #Drought   #UN   #Charity  
And, the UN just had a conference in Rio about sustainable "........"
Working on making the plants a reality, surely not going to wait till the discussion of "to energy intensive etc." to finish. We need to start now and develop as we go along. The United States is today experiencing 100-degree weather; we cannot wait until we are pushed into a corner.
Lets stop funding this useless organization ... the UN!!!
The watchers were an alien race who never interfered with any society, even one on the verge of destruction
many people with many beliefs about what is and what should be/become. But seems like at least since the end of 2nd world war that humans have been increasing levels of empathy and compassion towards other humans at large, I hope this trend continues so we can live in a more peacefull and free civilization... we'll see...
poor people in the sahel......
I honestly don't believe that UN is doing enough to stop this Regimes. If UN was created to invite Gov't to dialogue then why is Syrian gov't is still murdering thousands. I think you guys here to calculate a better way to split power n have a better way put sanctions of water n food to kill people all over the world. Take of your Blindfold n be man "ALL OF YOU" Be man. I don't believe n I don't need a Voice of 1 Human that you don't care about, if its 10000 *100 dollars worth of water supplies that u never supply then you care.      
+Mirali - Azeri Dwaynee Syrian government is killing thousadns of whom? They are in war and they are killing armed soldiers. Ofcourse, in war there will be civil casualites (although it´s bad). But the "opposition" isn´t saint. I want to belive that there are groups wich is not actual bad. But there are some extremistic groups wich is nesesary to fight. This is war, not peacefull manifestation. It never was. Only for someone, on the biggining. 
Ofcourse, i cannot be sure about origind of that, but at the biggining of the "protest" in syria, I have seen a video wich claimed, that it is showing protest in syria. There were normal people, but some of them were carying guns. And then there were about 20 dead bodyes of men in uniforms-policemans. (i am not saving videos, so i can´t show you). And there are many other things. 
+, I have read (vatican) and they said that rebels in Homs are... lets say "bad"... to the christians. 
Well, it is easy to be a POPE or Mollah sitting at home all day drinking tea talking about religious believes that clearly does not help anybody. If you ask me who cares about what the Pope thinks or the Vatican they don't wake up finding bomb shells on their backyards. Before Islam and before Christianity the main religion was to respect the nature n everything that belongs to it Like Mazda Paganism n all the believe's in Asia, Native American Egypt, Greece they all point to this beautiful direction  that man is a man not because he has what other male has but he won't ever kill a child or women or the heaven that we used live in which lays under the mother's feet. But over the years man discovered the other side of men "Power of Ownership" 1 a women then a child then a land n then last but not least religion to separate them from each other. When they were apart from each other they couldn't get certain things from each other's land by just walking in n taking it which considered as a trespassing today. So they developed a currency system n some created a different system but eventually they all fell under 1 system or regime. Today everything that has been created is looked upon as part of the culture but not everything is part of the culture like violence n religion. Most important thing is family but to get to it you need to realize the weak side of man Example : They call Muslims terrorists why because religion has something called Jihad that has nothing to do with terror. However they use what they know n what other's don't in order to create the system that they want to so the Pope's n the Mullas  can live in control of the minds while presidents gets ready to minimize the population of the Universe by Sanctions which is legitimized by the UN. Why do you think UN wants to pull it's peace keepers from Syria because now its time for political "RESOLUTIONS" which will end up making UN an invisible ghost killing the other half of Syria which sits on the Rich culture of Islam and heritage. Just like Sudan where rebels are taking down monuments that has been there for centuries. the new world order requires a new History something called .1. meaning everything has to be under control of 1 n non other. UN/UNESCO/INTERPOL/CIA/FBI/ALQAIDE/BOKOHARAM/FBI/MI5 n etc. they all are the part of the plan. First was racism now its clash of civilization which is more complicated. LONG LIVE SYRIA I am with you.        
Look, all you learned contemporaries of mine!
We cannot but sit around like a bunch of worthless dogs waiting for dinner! We must help them. Or one day the states in which they are resident shall attack and overpower us both militarily and diplomatically. We shall regret helping them thus.
He who has an ear, listen to this!!
Todays agriculture is able to feed 12 billion people a healthy diet and proper irrigation and small scale farming support infrastructure could pop that up quite a bit (even without resorting to genetic modification). The problems are purely economical which leads to an unfair distribiution of income and therefore the available crops.

Desalination is not a viable option for irrigation purposes yet because of the high energy requirements (pending new technologys), but the existing ecology allows for better use of the existing water. Which fails when there is no water at all, like in a drought. And who would insure a subsistence farmer barely being able to pay for his livelyhood when the harvest default rate is about 50%. Your insitence in the insurance option is just dumb, uninformed and based on neoliberal bias @Marc Noble.

We need coordinated effort globally to rehaul the world trade system to allow development, stop desertification through the planting of sustainable woods, which also helps the region to regulate water balance and a global effort to limit climate change.
Everything else is just a big heap of hot air coming from your big mouths and hot air is just the thing the sahel has already enough of.

Kurt from Europe
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