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Check out this photo of Secretary General Ban Ki-moon getting into the Olympic spirit as he jogs down the streets of London with the Olympic Flame!

Credit: UN Photo
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I see no flame, I thought it was never supposed to die, is this normal
That's the only thing he can do well. I really sorry for the UN for such Secretary General.
so nobody care to what you say and what you do ,,,
banki moon, that is good of you keep younger.
my own is just to hope that this games will bring garmony,peace nd tranquility in world over.
i said no body care to what you said and what you do, people in Syria    everyday dead by their  president and you are joking in london street what that ,,,,,,,,,,,,,
This are the olimpic games of equality between men and women, should be also for the world the same equality... more power to women. 
The Olympics are about competition athletes compete to see who is the best at the particular event. Everything is done to make things as fair as possible so that all other things being "equal" the race is won by the best athlete in the group racing.  However  equality is very mathematical term and mathematics is a very harsh schoolmaster so heer's a harsh observation: There is no total equality in the Olympic games!  Shock! Horror! Stunned! Amazed!  You say i must be wrong!  but heer's the kicker. Women and men do not compete in every race and event in the Olympic games, the athletes sex is the last if not only discriminating factor in Olympic competition. What we have now are the Olimpic games of fairness and not those of equality. it is not fair that women should have to compete against men in all events but it would be equal,  brutally so perhaps but then again arn't men and women (so the popular saying should go) created equal under God.
+Joel Savage I know when I say equal diden't mean the mathematic symbol =, also know there is not the same cuantity of men and women in the olimpic, but it's the first olympic game that every country parcipating send women athletes, And is clear that women and men have to compete apart. Actually when I say equal mean equal oportunity, probably there are less women athletes than men, like politician, scientifics, and well paid jobs in the world.  
Be the change you want to see in the world!
Having fun ?
UN disabled ?
Justice can be vetoed ?
Justice cannot stand ?
Justice = nil ?
UN, may be too big a machine to do anything !
problem with the UN is that the sum of its membership is not more powerful than all of its parts.  any Veto power is great for the counties that have it until the UN can't do the right thing because one of these countries won't support it.
Am happy to be here among you people.
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