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Climate change and the hottest days ever recorded on Earth are a result of an inbound Second Sun that is about to cause a Physical Pole Shift of Earth. This event is also known as The Rapture or Joshuas Long Day.., both Tsunamis and all the Earthquakes, Volcanic Eruptions and Massive Weather Storms are because Earth is part of a binary star system. Look on the internet for 2 suns in sky. You believe thousands of pictures and videos are all a hoax. NO. You telling people driving a car is causing this is.., KNOW THE TRUTH.., I will tell you how to save yourself and your Family.., your Money cant save you, I can.., 5 billion People will perish in this event, do u want to be a Victim, or a Survivor?.., my speaking fee starts at $250,000. Contact 720 774 9902
Banjir saat ini melanda di dunia, ya masalah populasi dan pemukiman yg melebar ke daerah resapan alami bumi.....saat ini teknologi memungkinkan buat terobosan masalah tersebut hanya jika debit air laut yg meningkat karena pencairan es di kutub ya, efek minyak di stratosfer penyebab ozone tsb yaitu produksi gas buang dari minyak adalah penyebabnya, pbb mungkin bisa melakukan visi dan misi dng sifat rantai udara bisa mewujudkan produksi udara murni buat menciptakan ikatan pemulihan stratosfere dari ilmuwan ygvada di seantero dunia.
Livestock for high-yield human consumption is the central problem - solution EAT LESS MEAT.
many public policy development in the 3rd world, which is not accompanied by environmental considerations .... so that nature often rebel because it has the least tolerance of man against nature / earth
In developed countries, the development of science many have access to destructive atmospheric ... g sedan in the 3rd world are trying to exploit massive earth ....
When humans try again to exploit ait land, then during itulh would hazard a very widespread drought
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