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Are you against corruption? If so, please support our Thunderclap campaign using Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr. People often think that corruption is "just… - UNODC - United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime - Google+
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In case you did not notice, you've become corrupt yourself.
So very badly, you won't admit.
United Nations help freed was just exposed to blacks in the US and now they are trying to bury it
Help I'm a walk away stole away, run away United Nations I'm one of those lost boys

What exactly is the UN gonna do against corruption? Iv not saw any wars prevented by the UN, no genocide prevented no nothing the UN is a failure wrapped around the USA's finger so they can invade and steal oil from incident nations the facts are there you choose to believe them or not. 
I don't know much about that but who do you call someone pays the police
off and so much time has passed until they have raised kids and know what
they use to pay 4 they know are getting the services free. They made it
where you'll never get that story wright or any other story that is
revelent to the incident.
When ever you think corruption isn't apart of the world anymore this is what you should do. Get a harp. Put it on a pole, and pick the strings with a cell pick. A harp on a pole played with a cell pick. Now that's the sound of the freedom star country that's hid by mother nature
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