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In this opinion piece for Earth Day, UN Biodiversity Ambassador, activist and acclaimed actor Edward Norton explains why he's calling for bold action on sustainability issues.
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Humankind, Economy and Nature.
We need to change the way we life and and find fair and efficent solutions in order to connect these totally diffrent pillars.

Inspire everyone around your with you thoughts and we will be able to achieve this goal

thumps up for Tyler Durden
We are all one and we need to realize that unless we stop looking only for short term fixes and take the importance of recycling, and renewal of resources in mind we'll soon run out of resources. Humans can act like viruses, and continue to expand till the Cell the we are occupying called earth is no longer habitable and we all die. Or we can learn a lesson from the world of molecular biology and become a symbiotic part of the our environment namely a mitochondria.
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