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Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has seen your Future We Want posts and now he has recorded a message on the future HE wants!

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More on June’s Rio+20 Conference on Sustainable Development in Brazil here:
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I want a world where the environment and humans welfare to be the most important things not money.Is time for humanity to go to the next level.Change this evil capitalist system with a truly democratic system and good for all the people of the world.
I want a world where people can be free of social distortion.  Where the societies are not bent on ripping each other apart for wealth and power.  I want a world where people are the national treasure. And children can love without being educated to hate , and to lie, and to not believe in dreams.  I want a world where we as people can stand up against political injustice. I want a world where we control what we are to believe. I want a world where justice is true and not bought with a price of political value. I want a world to be able to be truly free.
I want a world where education means more to everyone, fortunate or not. I want a world where everyone can speak at least 2 languages. I want a world where truth, respect, justice, peace, value and morality is a similarity in government, life in the common welfare, in the way we treat Earth and its' resources, and in how we treat ourselves. I want a world where everyone can be who they are without being criticized by a certain population and I want a world where happiness is the only real thing that matters. 
i want a word a where everything that is impossible to human is seen as POSSIBLE.
yes Every one accept future. what about present needy basic wants
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