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The civil society has never been as much involved as for Rio+20 in the decision process. What is the future of this new form of Dialogue? Join a live Google+ Hangout tomorrow 8:30 am NY - 2:30 pm Paris with Brice Lalonde, Executive Coordinator of the Conference who will discuss this matter with participants of the Rio Dialogues. - ask your questions on Twitter #Riodialogues or hereunder:
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Not really going to matter if you continue to fail in your mission, you are not going to be worth much if you cannot see a way to stabilize Greece, Syria, Iran, N. Korea and now Egypt and France. Tell me U.N. what lies in your future to satisfy your mandates ?
Great opportunity for humanity to engage and decide on what is important for our future. We are at a crucial point in human history. 
I believe that the U.S. must stabilize its economy and create free market jobs to put US in a better position to help. Where we are now, as with the world and world events, there is no hope and things will spiral until we become a world of dictators to control revolt, even here in the US. No other country can save what is being lost globally. China is too self-centered and Russia is moving to expand its domination once again. It is going to be bad and I am glad Americans have the second amendment
As things begin to progress, or regress... The stage is being set for a "Global Economy"... I'm anxious to see just how the uS positions itself to be in a leading, more powerful position as things begin to unravel. As such in a game of chess, these are just pawns being placed for future sacrifice and conquering. 
humanity changed Environment and life so they are only power for make it sustainable future !
Humanity didn't change... Only the level of greed and desire for power became increasingly corrupt. But that is one way to look at it...
I agree Don, the worms wormed their way to the top while the rest of US were struggling to survive
Exactly, John... And those worms positioned themselves into the best possible scenario where once the empire is destroyed, by their own means might I add, they will gain much more power and wealth. Just look at how stock values fluctuate, precisely precious metals to be more suffice. Silver has dropped in value but it is necessary for nearly everything and is becoming far leas abundant. But looking at it's value in the market, you would believe that it is just barely more value that yahoo stocks. 
I was participated in a preparative meeting about Rio+20 organised by the hungarian goverment, representing the student societies of hungarian universities. I tried to send my comment about the Future We Want via the hungarian ministry of foreign affairs, but I've never got an answer. I wrote to the UNEP facebook page, but still no answer.
I just try to keep my hope, that the decision makers got our massege, that we want a future without armed conflicts caused by limited environmental resources.

Therefore I ask all of you, to include this, or sentences with similar meaning into the Future We Want I. Preamble/Stage Setting or II. Renewing Political Commitment:

"We encourage all States to solve any international or internal conflicts - including those that are caused by limited resources of food, water or raw materials - in a peaceful way."

Becouse it's important, that we want a future without armed conflicts, and the growing limitation of natural resources makes the potential of armed conflicts higher and higher. Sadly I will be not able to be at my computer during the dialouge, but please, consider our opinion.
Everyone considers that option first and foremost, but we rarely commit to act unless some force is applied, either with money or threat of violence and sanction, and that is sad
How can I participate on the Google Hang out with Brice Lalonde, Executive Coordinator of the Conference ? 
+John Hargis Sr  What's wrong with Russia and China?
Only the U.S.A has the right to have military bases in other countries or to influence other countries or to dominate and control other countries? Why should the U.S.A control the entire planet?
Alin; It is not a right, it is just that we have the best chance of attaining world peace. China is still a culture that only allows one child per family and kills indiscriminately before exit from the womb, you may think that a non-issue, but it shows hardline limits to population control and not humanitarian for promoting peace.
 Russia has a history of domination and with their support of regimes like Syria and Iran, in which they promote nuclear capability in nations that have threatened to destroy a human race of people, well they have a different goal which is not yet fully clear. I err on the side of caution and stick with the good old US of A. Once we find a better leader and Congress, there is nothing we cannot accomplish. Even the worst leader we elect is still better than any the world has in this day and age, any argument against that is denial or some vanity of principals better left in a closet.
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+John Hargis Sr I not want to be misunderstood I am not a  Russia or China fan. HELL NO!!!
Stop see only a part of the picture John! See all picture. 

NATO was created to prevent USSR expansion. After the collapse of the USSR in 1990, NATO continues to exist. NATO and SUA build military bases nearby Russia in countries like Romania, Estonia,Poland etc. At the present moment NATO intends to expand in Ukraine and Georgia, very close to Russia. What are the NATO and SUA reasons for all this moves(started from 1990 to nowadays)? From what I see, Russia has a good reason to feel threatened and react in some way or other.

After all USA lies about Iraq,Saddam's destruction weapons or his plan to destroy the want to believe all this USA propaganda "Iran is evil, they want to destroy the world, the Moon, Mars blablabla bla bla bla.. and all shit like this? =)))  Personally I have no reason to believe that. We live in real life  not in cartoon with superheroes.We are not in Powerpuff Girls cartoon! Ahmadinejad is not Mojo Jojo! =)))))))) Why USA always inventing evil enemies with a single thought TO DESTROY THE WORLD ? =))))  

I agree with you John. What happens in China is very regrettable. Their reason for this situation is they are too many people. I personally agree with them. Really they are too many.Perhaps now you'll tell the whole story of human rights and all this shit. Is time to stop lying ourselves.  In all countries are violating human rights and constitutions are violated in all countries by their own governments. John open your eyes !  In first constitution of USA  is mentioned "all men are naturally equal, free and independent". Guess what happens to black people? For almost 200 years whites discriminated and tortured black people in most evil ways. Black people  was burned, shooted,hanged, crucified...  WHAT REASONS HAD WHITES TO DO ALL THIS EVIL THINGS?  Guess what happened in USA after the signing of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948 ? Whites continued to do the same things. USA authorities continued to use black people in the army and as cheap labor. When black people demanded their rights (guaranteed by the USA Constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights) the USA government tried to suppress those protests. Many of the leaders of these protests were arrested, tortured, killed or assassinated (many times with the complicity of authorities). As a proof we have all those films, pictures, files, testimony from years 1950,1960,1970 ...or movies and documentaries that were made about that period. There was no other country who treated their citizens in this way. What were the reasons for all these tragedies?  Even today black people are discriminated in some areas of the USA. I do not want to hear any stupid excuse such as "is not the fault of people that are bad, is God fault that created people to be bad"  =))))))))

Even the U.S.A is not perfect John. Many "ugly" things happen in the USA  ( as a proof you can see all Michael Moore movies, documentaries or investigations). Many bad things are made by USA to external level ( all crimes of USA army against civilians in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan,  prisoners tortured by USA army at the Guantanamo Bay detention camp ,all lies about Saddam's destruction weapons etc.) Why do you think USA is better than China or Russia? Because they want world peace? WORLD PEACE??? =)))) Don't be naive John! What is really upset USA is that Russia,China,Iran or North Korea do not accept USA domination and control.  What makes you think they want the good of all people or countries? They only follow their personal interests,some times and their allies interests. Interests means:to influence or control policy in as many countries as possible,to have strategic military bases in countries where they consider is necessary, to manage the resources in as many countries as possible. Interests is not equal with "to help". Interests is equal with "to use something or someone in your own benefit" . Stop "eating" all this propaganda ! When you hear some politician say  "need to go in X country to remove X threat or X dictator or X regime and all this for the benefit of citizens of  X country " they actually say :we have a tremendous opportunity to go in X country and remove X threat or X dictator or X regime, we'll introduce our companies in X country,we'll use strategic X country as we want, we'll manage all resources from X country and we'll let the X country to be lead by only those persons who accept all these things. All these actions will be in the benefit of USA and their allies. What will truly happen to the citizens of the X country ?  They will be used as cheap labor  in all factories which belong companies  who just arrived in their country "to help" them. Is true that the citizens of X country  will have access to great things but in reality very few of them can afford some of this things. I don't say we must to act like Russia or China. I say that this way of "help" is wrong.
Let's be honest John! All superpowers pursue their personal interests. When I say ALL SUPERPOWERS  I say: UK,France,Russia, Israel,China and USA. They do this for hundreds of years, first as empires and now like the superpowers.As a proof we have the history. Few simple examples: Spanish conquistadors exterminated and robbed all South American populations; Great Britain killed many people in America,Africa, Australia,India and used  their lands and resources;Tsarist empire committed many atrocities in Eastern Europe and Asia;SUA  exterminate Indians and took their lands etc. etc..all these things in their own benefit. Just because they are strong,gives them the right to do what they want? What about the right of small countries to do what they want? WTF!!! Since when  empires or superpowers  know what is the best for others?
This mode of  superpowers  behavior  to dominate everybody and control everybody  is evil. Why? Because creates only tensions and conflicts in the world. If we want a better world for all is time that people stop tolerate this thinking and selfish behavior.Many people from small countries don't want to hear anything about UK,France,Russia, Israel,China,USA,NATO,UN,EU,G6,G8,G20 and all bullshit like these. All done many bad things. People have sick of this stupid circus!  I personally hate all these evil creations. I will emigrate to Mars and I will not hear anything about these monsters.

I don't want to offend you John and if I said something which offended you I APOLOGIZE. I like history very much, I read a lot,I saw many movies and documentary , I traveled in many countries, I met people from all over the world...I saw many things and everything that I wrote, is what I saw and understood what it is really happening in the world. We need to change all these if we want the good of all.  ;)
+Alin-Sorin Podaru No apology necessary, it is a free country, umm depending on class, LOL
 Every country has its acts of oppression, slavery, famine, genocide and dictatorships, there is not a country on earth that has not suffered, or instigated these crimes on humanity. The US, being the free country it is could be held to a higher standard and there is no excuse for the acts we have committed on our people or in the acts of war, whether false or true, we are human and are evolving. Albeit slowly.
  I am no historian, but I do Google issues and read what I can as I go along, my interests are intelligence and theory. As an example, I will use the current state of Syria. I read last week where Russia, China and Iran intend to hold war games in the nation state of Syria, this is a country at civil war. My theory is that the games themselves will be held and will be directed to support the Syrian government in squashing the rebellion. Now this is where it is a hard theory, Egypt just elected a Muslim radical leadership, one that is demanding martyrs of its people to march and retake Jerusalem, add the conscripts and war game scenario in Syria, then you have a possible attack on Israel in the coming months, one which there is no defense for.
  The US will of course try to stave off such action, but once they are imbedded into Jerusalem, there is no getting them out and Israel is gone. Most of these survivors will be given sanctuary here is the US, but the die will be set and Nostradamus has another prediction under his belt.
  All i can tell you is that the US has a better chance at world peace, we are not as good as we can be and we need to do more domestically to be financially stable enough within to help without. This will never happen with either Major party, they scheme so much that the Constitution is all but lost. Hope this helps my defense at what I said.
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