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121,562 field personnel. 17 missions across 4 continents. 12 ships. 147 helicopters. But numbers don't tell the whole story of UN Peacekeeping.

Tuesday is International Day of UN Peacekeepers! Find out the full scope of their work in this new infographic and take a moment to remember the more that 2,990 peacekeepers who died in the service of peace over the past six decades.

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They are keeping peace by removing those that threaten it, not just blatant violence.
Today's multidimensional peacekeeping operations are called upon not only to maintain peace and security, but also to facilitate the political process, protect civilians, assist in the disarmament, demobilization and reintegration of former combatants; support the organization of elections, protect and promote human rights and assist in restoring the rule of law.
+Brad Thompson, not everything is controlled by the rich corporations. The U.N. believes that it can remove war by stopping it in their way, and we all have the right to protect beliefs. You are also forgetting that a majority of countries have to place votes on anything for it to happen.
No, I am not a troll, +J. S. Hansenius. My statement was a sarcastic one meant to criticize my overall distaste for how violence is so often met with further violence, even when it is under the intent of peace. I'm not attacking the +United Nations, though; I support the UN on its intentions and although I disapprove of some of its methods and underlying agendas, I am not here to chastise or condemn. I'm simply discontent that people so often turn to retribution than forgiveness in this modernizing world.
Forgiveness is good in theory, just like communism (I am, in theory, a communist, by the way). But what people don't get is that people are bad, and not every one has the ability to stop what they need be forgiven for.
Facepalm Why +George Rauton , why? The U.N. was created in structure by an American, and global actions affect the U.S. as well
I was watching CNN and the news that Iran was going to help target American diplomats and their families, shocking information. But I also was shocked at the pleated leather chairs, teak round table and the floral asst. in the center. I am further shocked that the U.S. pays $ two billion a year for a peacekeeping force that does little more than watch and document atrocities instead of developing a plan to save lives, children and women non-combatants. Our donation should do more than pay for multimillion dollar comfort for delegates who do little more than watch the world fall into chaos. We need to lead the way and reorganize the UN to give it power to capture and /or kill the leaders and those who commit war crimes against innocents.
+atticus pond, I tend to agree. In regards to communism, I personally believe that it is good in theory, but not in practice. Karl Marx was a great political theorist and philosopher, but he seemed to forget about the fact that human error and cynicism exists.

+J. S. Hansenius, while you may not be able to hear my verbal tone, the connotations of my post should have been sufficient enough for the reader to see such sarcasm. I stated that violence—which conflicts with peace—in response to violence is not contradictory. Violence is in actually quite contradictory to peace because the latter is more passive and tranquil, whereas the former is a more aggressive and assertive concept. Then again, "War is Peace," according to George Orwell in 1984, so I suppose there's always exceptions to such paradoxes.
The U.N. works, just in the wrong places. If it shifted it's mind on Myanmar, Kony, Al Qaeda, or atrocities, they wouldn't exist. The U.S. pays $ two billion to the U.N. because it needs that, more than anyone else. The world is not falling into chaos, it's simply repeating itself. This is WWII again, just not in Europe, in the middle east. Fascism is fascism, and that will be fought by the U.N., regardless of where or how it happens. The Iranian government will not target American diplomats, at least not publicly, because they know that the U.S. has far too much military power for them.
The hard truth David, is that most of our world requires violence to tow the line or sustain peace, this will be our legacy unless we remove money from society and thereby remove most of what destroys US
+David Greene , I said nothing of human error. Human error is something that exists, but not in the frame I was talking of. I was talking of corruption and terrible, terrible people. Marx was brilliant, yes, but he was too nice. He needed to think of the worst man in the world, not the best men.
Is money really the issue, +John Hargis Sr? Many blame the currency for the world's economic issues, yet they neglect the fallacies of those who hold it.

+atticus pond, I agree. I mentioned human error as but one reason why communism would likely not work upon utilization. That's why I mentioned cynicism as well, though: it alone is the key undermining factor of communism.
I think it is both. If you look at money, it makes people feel power, and people don't take well to power. It makes us feel like we are above people, like they don't matter as much as us. That is is the problem with money. The problem with those who hold it are far more, including things such as corruption and want for more power
If they are ever able to consolidate us into a one world government they will always have patriots terrorists to fight...
I believe UN troops are assigned from active duty members of member countries' military personnel.
Easy to speak when you don't understand. If there weren't oppressors the UN wouldn't be needed. As long as this type of thinking is around the forces are needed. No different than requiring the police. Force must be met with force
Learn to spell or at least use the English language properly, more that should be more than. And "that" should follow " remember ".
+Jason Johnson , have you ever thought about the fact that many armed groups start after long-term foreign occupations?
Remember the United States wouldn't exist if you didn't kick the crap out of the British. Without the use of force you wouldn't have become the greatest country in the world. Don't disrespect your heritage especially today. I'm Canadian and it seems I have more respect than some of you do for your own country
The use of force in the past is one thing to consider, but I disagree with the wars waged that eventually led to the League of Nations and eventually the United Nations. The wars we have waged since the first world war have been senseless and only served those that profit from war. I know my history well enough to know that. What little good the UN may do is over-shadowed by the negative acts they (those on the ground) have done.
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Someone brings wars to somewhere and someone come to keep the PEACE. Do they have connection to each other?
how about syria today?
Here's a day for you, May 16, 1967. Gemal Abdul Nasser, then president of Egypt ordered the United Nations peacekeeping forces out of Sinai, where they were stationed there to prevent Egypt from aggressively overrunning Israel. The UN troops turned tail and ran, paving the way for an illegal and belligerent Egyptian invasion.
Just as illegal as the Jewish invasion in the 1940s...
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Yeah, because this sovereignty thing has just been working so well for everyone. 
is it even working properly? especially, in middle east and African continent.
Hi! to all... Really when and where it has been something else than useless !?? Srebrenica...?Darfour?? Somalia.../? and now look at Syria....there so comment....enjoy 21st century.....
unfortunatly,but quite often it may look :"LIKE BAND-AID ON WOODEN LEG" that what the sarcasm of my comment was about....I do not question what the people (121,562) are doing because there task is to stop the putting their life on the line, ultimate the name of peace...and people....respect....war no more.....
it s not about the people,read well please....ITs about the efficiency in some of the misson i was sarcastic about...and by the way,all the men,grand father,father ,uncle in my family were there as well.....(14-18 /39-45)
As a Canadian, I wish my country would get back into helping UN peacekeeping missions. Too bad our troops have been trapped in Afghanistan for 10+ years.
Stop the bloodbath in Syria to be a military intervention
What makes you think you do not have troops in the un peace keeping force, You can bet your bottom dollar that there are US troops being deployed by the UN as we speak.
How come they have never been a lasting peace in any country that the peace keeper have visited? so much sacrifice from innicent people for few individual to feed on...... mega cooperations.
UN, what is really happining in Southern Sudan? is it until they ... finish parking the oil? Pls. UN act fast because we need peace and progress in our African new born baby (country).
ZECHARIAH GREGORY, ABUJA, NIGERIA. UN, what is really happining in Southern Sudan? is it until they ... finish parking the oil? Pls. UN act fast because we need peace and progress in our African new born baby (country).
ZECHARIAH GREGORY, ABUJA, NIGERIA. UN, what is really happining in Southern Sudan? is it until they ... finish parking the oil? Pls. UN act fast because we need peace and progress in our African new born baby (country).
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