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Why do we need to protect mangroves?

Mangroves ...
... mitigate climate change
... advance food security
... protect from storms, tsunamis and sea level rise
... prevent shoreline erosion
... regulate coastal water quality

Mangrove ecosystems provide benefits and services that are essential for life and the health of our planet.

Find out more from +UNESCO on Wednesday's Mangrove Day:


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Summer is here! In Zaatari Refugee Camp in Jordan children are out and playing as schools are off.

Opened in 2012, Zaatari Refugee Camp is the largest camp for Syrian #refugees in Jordan. Since its opening, Zaatari has evolved from a collection of tents into a structured settlement providing temporary home to 80,000 women, children and men.

A little help can go a long way to save lives. Donate now:

📷: #UNHCR / Mohammed Hawari


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"You have the fantastic capacity to make us dream," United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres told #UN Messenger of Peace Lang Lang at their first meeting on Tuesday.

He called the world-renowned pianist from China a brilliantly accomplished musician who has used his art to promote peace everywhere.

Find out more about Lang Lang's work for peace here:

📷: UN Photo / Eskinder Debebe & UN Social Media / Karin Orantes


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Who has made the biggest positive impact on our planet?

The #ChampionsoftheEarth award honours individuals or organizations that have made outstanding contributions to the protection and restoration of the environment.

Nominate a Champion of the Earth to share their inspiring story:

📷: +UN Environment
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The crisis in Greater #Kasai in #DRCongo has severely disrupted life-saving interventions for children, putting an estimated 400,000 children at risks.

+UNICEF has been working to provide therapeutic food to thousands of children in nutrinional centers. Together we can end poverty! Here is how YOU can help:



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Planning a vacation soon? Here are some tips on how you can show your love for the planet when you travel

Share your green lifestyle stories with us here:

via +UN Environment


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This week, our Messenger of Peace Malala visited girls at a UNICEF supported school for children displaced by the Boko Haram crisis in northeast Nigeria.

“Studies are clear — educating girls grows economies, reduces conflict and improves public health. For these girls and for their country’s future, Nigeria’s leaders must immediately prioritise education,” said Malala.

Our colleagues from +UNICEF are working closely with the government and partners to put children back into learning environments. Find out more:

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In fairy tales princesses and knights fight the evil for a happily ever after. But in the real world, it is up to us to take action for a better and safer future.

Fairy tales are part of our cultural heritage, teaching us values and life lessons from a world far away. UN Geneva has put a new twist on old fairy tales to highlight the global challenges that we are facing in our world today:

📷:: UN Geneva


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Why do we need more women in +UN Peacekeeping operations?

Today women represent only 6% of UN peacekeepers in the positions of staff officers and military observers.

The Head of #unpeacekeeping, Jean-Pierre Lacroix, called on all troop contributing countries to increase this number to 15% by the end of 2017. As of today only 16 out of the 120 troop contributing countries meet the required threshold.

Women peacekeepers can empower women in the host communities, interview survivors of gender-based violence, strengthen the situational awareness of the mission by interacting with women in societies where women are prohibited from speaking to men, and assist female ex-combatants during the process of reintegration into civilian life.

Find out about more why it is essential to have women peacekeepers:

📷: Malaysian Peacekeepers of the UN Interim Force in Lebanon (UN Photo / Pasqual Gorriz)


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Health investments in child survival also help in breaking intergenerational cycles of poverty. When children are healthy, they are better able to learn in school and can earn more as adults.

The new +UNICEF study "Narrowing the Gaps: The power of investing in the poorest children" explains how:

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