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United Nations Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus (UNFICYP)
Pvt. Eddie Skanshus (Danish Contingent) on sentry duty at OP LOUTROS, Lefka, Cyprus. 01 May 1973. UN Photo/ Yutaka Nagata

UN Peacekeeping began in 1948 when the Security Council authorized the deployment of UN military observers to the Middle East.

Since then, 69 peacekeeping operations have been deployed by the UN and hundreds of thousands of military personnel, as well as tens of thousands of UN police and other civilians from more than 120 countries have participated in UN peacekeeping.

More than 3,326 UN peacekeepers from some 120 countries have died while serving under the UN flag.

More on the history of peacekeeping at:
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Ramallah An arrested Palestinian suicide bomber said that he will blew himself because 72 virgins are waiting for him in heaven.

Interestingly, militant groups like ISIS also quote Islamic scriptures to point out that a suicide bomber will get 72 virgins in heaven.

The suicide bomber said that he will carry out the blast even if he founds his family members in the crowd.

According to him, a man who is a jihadi is true follower of Islam whereas others are not.

The suicide bomber, who is now under arrest in Pakistan, said that 72 virgins are waiting for him and there is no logic in marrying only one here.

Given below are the excerpts of his interview:

Q. Will you take revenge from all?

A. Yes, I will – as much as I can, even if it includes my family. If I go out for suicide bombing and I see my family there, even then I will blow myself

Q. In suicide bombing innocent Muslims and even those who hate America are killed.

A. No. Those who are not taking part in Jihad are not innocent. Only those are innocent who are taking part in the Jihad in Miranshah etc. We have no repentance, no sorrow for killing. If our leader orders us to kill two people and hundreds are killed in this process even then we will do.

Q. How many brothers and sisters you have?

A. 9, including me.

Q. Your family supports you for this? Do they (family) know about you?
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United Nations

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World Breastfeeding Week (1-7 August) is now underway! 

Share this image with ideas for how everyone can help families with new babies. Breastfeeding is the best way to provide newborns with the nutrients they need. 

See more images and get more information from the World Health Organization (WHO) here:  
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Anything came from nature always best for human but we must follow safety and cleaning as a habit .
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United Nations

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Photo: WFP/Giulio D’Adamo

Food assistance delivered to those in need -- courtesy of a camel!

The World Food Programme provides food assistance across the globe by all means possible -- even by camel!

At any given time, there are 5,000 trucks, 70 aircraft and 20 ships delivering food assistance around the planet. Air drops are used only when the UN cannot access vulnerable, hard-to-reach communities due to difficult road and water paths, such as in South Sudan.

WFP has also been known to use elephants, donkeys and camels to carry much-needed assistance.

More facts about humanitarian logistics at:
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United Nations

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The United Nations turns 70 this year -- that's 70 years promoting education for all.

From peacekeeping to promoting human rights to feeding hungry populations, this year we're highlighting the ways the UN has been making a difference since 1945 -- and how it continues to help people around the world every day.

Get #UN70 photos, videos and more at:
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Hay mistear

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United Nations

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The latest estimates, released on Wednesday, put the world population at 7.3 billion in July 2015. This number is projected to grow to 9.7 billion by 2050.

Get all the numbers here:
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There is case for full warranted change A of G to Contract Law to align world of man to Earth..
Unless enterprise is biased to full effort . end
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United Nations

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Financing for women in Africa has remained stubbornly “micro”. While women own about 48% of all enterprises in Africa, they account for only 20% of the continent’s banked population.

UN Africa Renewal looks at how to address the challenges women face in accessing finance.
As the Third International Financing for Development conference kicks off in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Africa is set to begin implementing its ambitious 50-year development blueprint, Agenda 2063, bringing into focus the issue of how to finance development plans.
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Van Gaal has "no idea" where Di Maria is, and plenty of De Gea drama..
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United Nations

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Photo: Photo: OCHA /N. Berger

Since 1994, the mineral-rich province of North Kivu in the DRC has become a battleground for armies and armed groups who have plunged millions of people into a cycle of violence and poverty.

Among the hardest hit are the thousands of internally displaced people who must rely on humanitarian organizations for food.

The UN is distributing some food using the biometric fingerprinting system, which provides more accurate demographic data and can be used by emergency aid workers to plan their humanitarian support.

More from United Nations OCHA at:
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secured work .. 
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United Nations

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The UN is at Expo 2015 Milano, showing a rich array of multimedia content to spotlight the Zero Hunger Challenge.

If you can't visit in person, get a taste of what's on offer from United Nations at Expo Milano 2015. Visit:
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United Nations

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Celebrating this year's 70th anniversary of the UN, the United Nations Dag Hammarskjöld Library presents an exhibit of 70 key documents that have shaped the UN and our world.

1996-2005. United Nations lit with red ribbon for General Assembly Special Session on HIV/AIDS (UN Photo/Eskinder Debebe)
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Cf f frt dy
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United Nations

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July 30 is World Day Against Trafficking in Persons. It is estimated that globally 25.4 million people are currently being held in modern day slavery. Women and girls represent 55 percent of the estimated 20.9 million victims of forced labour worldwide, and 98 percent of the estimated 4.5 million forced into sexual exploitation. Learn more:
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How's Ukraine Banki Junta Moon? You've been involved in "trafficking".
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United Nations

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Friendship builds bridges between people & inspires peace -- share this message with your friends for Thursday's Friendship Day!

More here:
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الترجمه بالعربيه
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United Nations

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Lights, Camera, Paris!

Entries for the Global Youth Video Competition on Climate Change close soon! Enter your video for a chance to win a trip to the UN Climate Change Conference (COP 21) in Paris in December.

The deadline is 17 August.

Get details at:
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حلو كلش
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