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Illustration graduate/blogger

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I've recently moved location to a Wordpress blog follow my posts here!

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Udemy - Graphic Design courses
Udemy is a great online resource for e-learning. They offer a lot of courses for graphic design and a lot of them are free! Many of the courses cover the history, theory and practical skills needed to further improve yourself and your knowledge in this area...

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Thursdays weekly Illustration - Roller Girl
Heres my weekly illustration inspired by this old photo album print that I found in my house. Roller Girl! who wouldn't want a pair of bright pink roller skates. 

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Roller Girl
So here's my Illustration, that I have been working on for the past week. Roller girl! 

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What I've been working on for my weekly challenge.
I've had lots of ideas forming and taking shape over these last few days. My first step was to research the 1970's as this is what the pattern made me think of first. My search led me to these... Space hoppers, roller bladed and the Wombles. The 70's seemed...

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A new weekly feature for my blog
Ok so I thought I might do a new weekly feature on my blog, to get me "illustrating" a bit more often and also set myself a new challenge.  Basically I'm going to try and create a new illustration every week, by choosing something I find whether it be an ob...

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My recent trip to Bath
A few snaps from my recent trip to Bath last week. It is such a lovely place to visit, I think I went at the right time too, the weather was gorgeous!! There's lots of Georgian architecture and vintage style houses like the one above. Its a good place to go...

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University degree show - Creative Swatch
A few pictures from my degree show - Creative swatch. Its so strange that Uni has finally come to an end! I'm looking forward to what comes next. 

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Getting Ready for my Uni Exhibition
Really happy that my business cards and postcards have arrived in time for my University exhibition- Creative Swatch! 

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Response to "The Crones Eyes" by Kate Morton
One of my all time favourite authors in Kate Morton, I really love her style of writing and how you can just loose yourself in her books. At University in my last semester we where aloud to choose what we wanted to Illustrate and set our own briefs so for o...
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