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Jennifer Lovely
To quote my husband, “You’re not like other girls..”
To quote my husband, “You’re not like other girls..”

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It's a lot harder to lay on a hardwood floor for a good long while painting than I thought it would be. My back, it complains. But it was fun while we were doing it. Of course Thekla bounced up and ran around the house as soon as we were done.. because life is cruel to old people.

I was starting to turn into trucker Jen, officially no more cursing. 

Realization from this weekend. We had discussion that led to how much we had spent on our cats, expensive cat kidney diet cat food, surgeries, I came to the realization we are like the Amazon employer for cats. It's harder than hell to get in but once you are in, you are gold.

A great big thank you to everyone who sang the praises of World Spice's Earl Grey.. Especially Kyna Foster who gave me some.. AWESOME!

I posted a 'this is why I love my husband so much' while not even thinking that it was Valentine's Day. I think that speaks louder than all the proclamations I could post about how much I do love him.. cause i do :)

I just walk around me house burbling 'I love my house, look how nice it looks, I love my house!' When Bryan got in last night and just pulled him around the house going 'Look over there, doesn't it look great now!' LOOK LOOK. He is a very patient husband.

Christmas has come really really early this year. With all the stupid crap that I have to deal with it is so amazingly nice to actually get good news!

I stopped watching Glee last year because it really seemed to go downhill. I caught up last month on Hulu. It really has become karaoke jukebox, they have really really thrown the characters and story away. I don't mind the songs expressing the emotions of the story, but BEING the story is getting old.

Note to self, when watching series on dvd make sure you have the first disk of the next season before you watch the finale of the previous season. No really.

I feel both accomplished and like a moron. I just paid off a 5 year old library fine. 
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