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+Coach Ceil Business and Romantic #relationships share a few things in common #Appreciation #Trust #Accountability #Purpose #Commitment and the need to recognize #Toxic behavior that destroys all 5 #Instagram @CoachCeil 
Business today is very different than it was 30 or even 10 years ago. We would never have heard the word "love" in an organization or board meeting. Love...
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Even when anger takes over your brain, your inner Hulk can stay restrained.
Even when anger takes over your brain, your inner Hulk can stay restrained.
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Before you have wealth you need values.
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#Ladies, here's your opportunity to share your heartbreak and #brokenrelationship stories!

I'm screening over 2,000 women but only a handful of real-life stories will be picked for my upcoming information-packed show, Tired of Waiting For Him To Man Up?

6 highly-acclaimed Psychologists, Life Coaches, Doctors, Pastors, and of course, men who are recovering #abusers or are still #abusing their Partners have been invited to join us as they give us an exclusive, private look into their minds and hearts.

It's NOT a #MAN-BASHING diatribe of past experiences gone sour, so don't let the title fool you.

This #show aims to help women from all walks of life recognize #toxic behavior in short and long-term #relationships so they can...

**design a clear path to either strengthen her personal boundaries because she feels the need to stay
**plan a life without him without revenge or ill-intentioned mind games

Everyone's identity will be kept PRIVATE/anonymous so email us any contact information where we can get a hold of you by phone or email. 
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I really understood what learning a lesson was after my last relationship.. I have been single almost a year because I'm not making that same mistake again... I have grown from the pain, and I understand my Worth now...
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#Relationships @coachceil 
Emotional intelligence allows us to become aware of the lesson, rather than the surface level pain.
Emotional intelligence allows us to become aware of the lesson, rather than the surface level pain.
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Avoid these 25 negative words.
If the harshest thing you have to say about someone is partly true, say the other part.
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A book that courageously calls out painful truths to help Men trapped in #Toxic #Relationships. First 100 copies FREE to those who Inbox me their full name, city & email address here.

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Top 10 Reasons why Coach Ceil is on G+
 - I changed my Relationship Status to 'Single, Available and Immature" on Facebook. Now I just need someone to explain to me how I can 'beam' my loyal, insane followers to G+. The Transporter still works, guys.

 - Proud collector of software and home appliances' User Manuals. The incurable optimist in me continues to hold out that, one miraculous day, there will be a need for a geek-to-layman interpreter on the incredible differences between all 12 buttons on your Blender. On v-i-d-e-o. Watch me roll! 

- Spent 2 decades convincing users that the Undo Button will ultimately be their 'best friend'. 95% of them are seeing a Therapist. They're convinced CTRL+Z will love them unconditionally. And they paid me for that?! 

 - I'm secretly dating my colonic hydrotherapist. I know, I know. We only get to see each other 3x a year or when I absolutely need to fit into a black cocktail mini dress and yep, I do have to pay him, but believe it or not, we have a refreshingly 'no-pressure' relationship. G+ keeps me balanced. (Thank you G+!) 

 - The hopeless romantic in me gave up on OK Cupaid and Plenty of Fresh. I realized that's 120 questions was created by my creepy neighbor (that's another Oprah...see #10). Good thing he doesn't really know where I live! Whew! I is smart.

 - My new slogan....Don't give up on True Love even when the world comes 'crashing' down on you. (Copyrite Coach Ceil 2012. All tables reserved.) 

 - Are you a Small Business Owner who's adding G+ to your marketing arsenal? Good! But wait! Before you turn ON that's the number to my plastic surgeon. Botox is on sale for $15 on Living UnSocially. com right now. I'm a Platinum Member. Mention my name.  Once you can keep that smile plastered on your face permanently, you can chat with me, one-on-one, and exchange G+ stories. By the way, did you know that you can Add ME to your Circles for FREE? 

 - "I'm Sexy and I Know It" keeps playing on the radio every single freakin' time I move my mouse close to that red G with the big +. Listen, I'm so NOT superstitious but, is that a sign?! - Don't tell anyone, but I seriously thought "Hangouts on Air" meant I can finally jump out of a plane without any clothes on. Airy? 

 - My creepy neighbor across the street derives extreme voyeuristic pleasure out of watching a woman interact daily WITH her computer. it makes sense why his eyes popped out when I told him I'm a Dating Coach. Perv,.. 

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