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Just received 6.0 OTA notification in Spain (retail Xt1068)

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Arriving OTA #Lollipop to #xt1068 in #Spain

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Success: Testing SunOS 4.1.4 (sparc) under Qemu 2.0.0, SparcStation 5 emulation. Qemu 2.0.0 (included with Ubuntu 14.04 x86_64) does not show graphical console with sparc 5 PROM, so I successfully tested without graphics (serial console emulation).

This was the first Unix I learnt, much before Linux :'-)

Política de "apodos" en Google+: "Tu apodo debe representarte como individuo y no debe utilizarse para imitar figuras famosas o históricas. No utilices un apodo que sea ofensivo, que consista principalmente en símbolos o que sea una frase completa."

He intentado apodarme como "Juanjo Amor" (para empezar a usar mi nombre real en el perfil) y me lo han rechazado. Probablemente consideren que mi nombre es una frase completa, algo ofensivo, que consista principalmente de símbolos o incluso, referente a alguien famoso.

Tampoco me dejan una dirección de contacto por si tengo alguna duda.

Qué cosas, Google+

Google+ available again for my HTC device. Some more changes and I will come back to this social network...
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Juanjo Amor had a hangout named webcam. {url}Juan J. Martínez

Plusfeed ha dejado de funcionar por políticas de Google. Consecuentemente, perdemos una forma de sincronizar automáticamente el timeline de Google+ con twitter y demás. En Google+ seguimos con muchas carencias, y con estos cambios más que sumar, se resta.

Como no me apetece mantener varios timelines, vuelvo a sincronizar desde twitter, por lo que dejará de haber timeline pública aquí. Hasta que google+ vea las cosas de otra manera ;-)

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Y con esto, plusfeed deja de funcionar :-(
Yeah, so AppEngine's new pricing is completely fucking insane.

Yesterday's charge was $2.50 - which I already thought was excessive - but according to the new pricing announced today, the same traffic would cost $34.38 (see attached screenshot).

I'm grabbing JSON, parsing it, and delivering XML. That's it. I'm not analyzing the fucking human genome.

Maybe I could re-write the app to use "backend" services, where I make a real aggregator that keeps track of all the requested G+ user numbers then runs a background process to grab the JSON and caches the result in storage so it takes less 'frontend' processing. But it's a lot of work, and honestly, I don't know if it would really save me any money.

Plusfeed will be going down relatively soon. Sorry!


[Update: It was just pointed out in my comments that the costs would actually be double, or $68+ because "Frontend Instance Hour costs reflect a 50% price reduction active until November 20th, 2011". INSANE.]

Back to work!
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Se hizo una caminata de 5.40 km con su señora y el #cutremedidordecaminatas.
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