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Chicago Bulls 2011 - 2012
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Thanks to everyone for a great season. Sadly it ended in one setback after another as our superstar and his top sidekick (Rose & Noah) both battled various injuries effectively ending their season and our playoff chances. Only a few top seeds can say they were defeated in the first round and sadly, well we're on of them. We can learn from our defeats and come back stronger next year or we can just throw in the towel.

Well, we all know, the Bull don't quit!

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Hi from Poland ! ;) . Only Bulls have a bols !
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Not that it matters anymore but.... Gooo Bulls!

P.S.: Thanks Rose for another great season. You were cheated again. This time by fate. You are one of the hardest working players in the league and the Bulls fans appreciate you!
Eastern Conference Round 1 (1v8):
1. Chicago Bulls (50 - 16 / .758) vs. 8. Philadelphia 76ers (35 - 31 / .530)
Chicago Home: 26-7 / Road: 24-9
Philadelphia Home: 19-14 / Road: 16-17

Season Series: 2 - 1 Chicago
@ Philadelphia, Wed, 2/1/12 - 98 - 82 Philadelphia
@ Philadelphia, Sun, 3/4/12 - 96 - 91 Chicago
@ Chicago, Sat, 3/17/12 - 89 - 80 Chicago
HCA: Chicago

Playoff Schedule:
Game 1: @ Chicago, Sat, 4/28/12, 1:00pm EST, 103 - 91 Chicago
Game 2: @ Chicago, Tue, 5/1/12, 8:00pm EST
Game 3: @ Philadelphia, Fri, 5/4/12, 8:00pm EST
Game 4: @ Philadelphia, Sun, 5/6/12, 1:00pm EST
*Game 5: @ Chicago, Tue, 5/8/12, TBD
*Game 6: @ Philadelphia, Thu, 5/10/12, TBD
*Game 7: @ Chicago, Sat, 5/12/12, TBD
Playoff Series: 1 - 0 Chicago

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Time for one more hoorah! We are definitely missing Rose and how he is able to break down the opposing defense and make players work to defend him. We have to grind it out and show that we may be missing the engine of our team, but not it's heart. We defending our #1 NBA record even while Rose was out during the regular season for multiple injuries. We are definitely good enough to put it on Philly - even at their own house!

So Bulls, let's show Philly what we're made of. We need good ball movement, tough defense, and someone to step up offensively and we can take this game. Let's not give Philly confidence.

Gooooo Bulls!

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Bulls need you more than ever. We are down to the last 5 games of the regular season. Will the Bulls get the #1 seed? Will we put on a clinic in the ECF? Will Rose be 100%? Can we depend on Super Deng? What about the Boozer/Noah X-factor? And was Rip Hamilton truly that missing piece that we so desperately needed last year?

Can you wait? Can you feel the anticipation?

Last 5 games, last regular season hoorahs. Let's show the Bulls why they have the best fans in the league!

Wed, 4/18/12 (6:00P) - A - Charlotte (7 - 53 - EC15*) - W - 100 - 68
Thu, 4/19/12 (7:00P) - A - Miami (43 - 17 - EC2) - L - 72 - 83
Sat, 4/21/12 (7:00P) - H - Dallas (34 - 28 - WC7) - W - 93 - 83
Wed, 4/25/12 (6:00P) - A - Indiana (39 - 22 - EC3) - N - 0 - 0
Thu, 4/26/12 (7:00P) - H - Cleveland (20 - 39 - EC13*) - N - 0 - 0

Chicago Bulls record: 48 - 16
*eliminated from playoffs

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Looks like we hold the tiebreaker against San Antonio, so if the Bulls and the Spurs both win out all their remaining games the Bulls will hold the #1 seed overall for a second unprecendented year in a row.

Goooo Bulls!
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Looks like Linsanity got real sane last night. With a modest 104 - 99 home game victory the Bulls extend the Knicks losing streak to 6 games. Mr. Lin now finds himself and the Knicks tied with the Bucks' record and fighting for the last place playoff spot. Good luck Jeremy!

Next up for us is Wednesday's home game against LeBron James and the Miami Heat. This is will be not only an exciting game, but a very important game to evaluate our progress this year. We lost our last game against Miami on their court 97-93 on January 29. Now that it is on our court, hopefully we come away with a win.

Bulls are currently #1 overall with a record of 35 - 9. Our next nearest contenders are (in the East) the Miami Heat with 31 - 9 and (in the West) the Oklahoma Thunder with 32 - 9.

Did you know that our coach Tom Thibadeau is in contention to break the record for fasted 100 game win record? I found out yesterday. The current record holder is Avery Johnson who amassed 100 wins with a 100 - 31 record. Johnson tallied these wins from 2004 - 2006. Thibadeau is currently at 97 - 29. If he can coach us to at least a 3 - 1 record for the next four games, he'll be in the record books.

Go Thibadeau, and gooo Bulls!
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Too many games, too fast and I can't keep up. But we are 13 - 3. This is our best start since Jordan. Happy days and a return to multiple winning seasons!
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Regular Season:
Game 03, Road Game 03
Thursday, December 28, 2011 – 9:00 PM CT
Power Balance Pavilion
Comcast SportsNet / ESPN 1000 AM

ALL-TIME ................... Tied 72-72
BULLS HOME STREAK ............. 1 Win
BULLS ROAD STREAK ............. 3 Wins

Game Notes (

Chicago Bulls (1-1)
Home 0-0
Road 1-1

Bulls Averages:
PPG: 89.5 (Opp: 93.0)
RPG: 44.0 (Opp: 39.0)
APG: 18.5 (Opp: 22.0)
SPG: 8.5 (Opp: 11.0)
BPG: 3.5 (Opp: 6.5)
TO: 17.0 (Opp: 13.5)
FG%: .409 (Opp: .471)
FT%: .667 (Opp: .667)
3p%: .385 (Opp: .290)

Probable Bulls starters
Derrick Rose - PG -
Richard Hamilton - SG
Luol Deng - SF -
Carlos Boozer - PF
Joakim Noah - C -

Bulls Stats Leaders
Points: Deng 21.5, Rose 17.5
Rebounds: Noah 9.5, Deng 8.5
Assists: Rose 6.5, Hamilton 3.5
Steals: Deng & Noah 2.0
Blocks: Gibson 1.5, Deng 1.0

FG%: Boozer & Deng .500
FT%: Rose & Watson 1.000
3FG%: Watson .556, Korver .429

Injury report

For a full report and the latest on Bulls' injuries, check out the AthletiCo Injury Report (

Sacramento Kings (1-1)
Home 1-0
Road 0-1

Probable Kings starters
Tyreke Evans - PG
Marcus Thornton - SG
John Salmons - SF
Chuck Hayes - PF
DeMarcus Cousins - C

Injury report

Information courtesy of Bullsger of
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Victory! 108 - 98.

Record 2 - 1 (.667)
Road: 2 - 1 (.667)
Home: 0 - 0 (.000)
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Okay, it's not over - yet. We still have at least one more game tonight. It might be the last game of the season so we need everyone to cheer as loud as they can. We'll be playing again with Rose & Noah, but we still have enough fire power and pride to defend our home court that we can't let the 76ers have an easy time with it.

+1 this post if you still believe. We're still the #1 seeded team in the league and if you still Bullieve, make some noise!!!!
Sixers-Bulls Game 5 Preview - NBA Videos and Highlights. Rex Chapman and Bill Laimbeer breakdown what each team needs to do to get a win in Game 5 in Chicago on Tuesday.
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Say a prayer for Rose. Our championship opportunities just went out the window.
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Don't give up yet.....the Bulls were 19-8 without Rose, including beating Miami. This is the best team in the NBA, and it would not surprise me if we still make the Finals!
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A loss is no big deal. We have to lose sometime, and with Derrick Rose out on injury, as well as Rip Hamilton, the Bulls fell at home to the Portland Trailblazers (21 - 23, .477, 12th West) with a score of 89 - 100 on Friday, 3/16.

Let's rally the troops tonight at home to rebound and send a message to the 76ers (25 - 19, .568, 4th East). Rose is expected not to play. Although, if we can beat the Heat without Rose, we should also be able to beat the 76ers.

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19 - 6

Wow, it's been 2 weeks since I last posted and 9 games. This is a fast moving season. I come back and we are 6 victories stronger but we have doubled our losses, from 3 loses to 6 loses. We're still one of the league's premiere teams even with all of our injuries (get better soon Deng).

Rose still rises and lifts us up....
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True, we're only 7 games in. Also true, it is a long season. But at this very moment in time we are tied with Miami with a 6 - 1 (.857) record. I think this is going to be a dog fight of a season because of how many games we will have in such a short period of time. We're looking good so far though.

Anyhow, my question is who thinks we will have the better season record between us and Miami? Give a +1 to Chicago if you think we will have the better record, or give a +1 to Miami if you think they will have the best record.
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Miami will have the best record.
So sad we lost our home opener against Golden State (91 - 99) on 12/26/11. To be fair, it's rough to play back to back games, especially when you just flew back from L.A. after an exhausting victory.

We'll be ready for our next game on Thursday, 12/29/11 @ Sacramento. Don't know why we couldn't just stay out west to play these games, but it is what it is.

Record 1 - 1 (.500) - Rank #8 EC
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+Chi-Town Bulls Blog, you are correct. Typo on the spreadsheet I am keeping. Thanks for pointing that out.
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BULLS 2012: Powered by Rose
Here is the official rallying point for all Bulls fans. This site will be updated with the W/L stats for the year. It's a short 66 game season, but a lot of games packed into a short time frame. Who wins it all? Lakers, Heat, Dallas repeat? Or does Rose sneak in and get himself one?