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Gather With Mormon Moms to Share, Mingle, Interconnect, Strengthen Families
Gather With Mormon Moms to Share, Mingle, Interconnect, Strengthen Families

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What is a Testimony?
In preparing my Sunday School lesson for today on 'testimony' I have compiled the following excellent information for my students ages 16-18, whom I love and care for deeply. I desire for them to know and understand these beautiful truths as I do.  I know t...

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Happy Spring!
I love this time of year; fresh air, birds chirping in the trees, light winds blowing, flowers starting to pop their colorful heads up to see the sun, blue skies and green grass growing. How blessed we are to have different season and their attending beauti...

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Dollar Store Christmas Centerpieces; Beautiful
Here's an inexpensive idea for Beautiful Christmas Table Centerpieces using items from the Dollar Store.  You'll need: 1 donut shaped green foam floral piece 7-10 strands floral stems 1 spool ribbon for bow 1 tall vase 1 container gel beads 1 battery operat...

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Christmas 'Furry' Quilts - A Personal Memory
Years ago, when I was a young teenager, my parents hired the neighbors who ran a local toy company (making stuffed animals), to make all of us eight children Christmas blankets (furry quilts) for our beds.  None of us had ever had matching bedspreads, and w...

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"O Holy Night" from Garth Smith, pianist
Today we receive the first youtube video from accomplished pianist, Garth Smith wherein he shares his testimony by way of music with meaning.  His desire for all of us is this: "I hope that as you watch the video, you feel a renewed appreciation for that wo...

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Beautiful Thanksgiving or Fall Floral Arrangements
We made these beautiful Fall floral centerpieces for a wedding - but used them also for Thanksgiving Dinner. They're easy to make and inexpensive. Everything we purchased was from the dollar store.   Items needed per centerpiece: 1 donut-shaped green floral...

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Beautiful Christmas Message
Here's a beautiful Christmas Message featuring children, youth and adults from all around the world. Christ is the meaning of the season. He is WHY we celebrate and What we celebrate. His life gives the rest of ours meaning and purpose. He is the Way back h...

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Teach the Children; An Agency Approach to Education
As some of you may know - I was asked to present at the Agency-Based Education Conference this past weekend in Provo, Utah.  I was thrilled to meet Neil J. Flinders , author extraordinaire of " Teach the Children; an Agency Approach to Education " as well a...

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Strong in Broken Places
Just a thought to ponder today...... "The world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong in the broken places."   -Ernest Hemingway

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New Book: "Understanding Your Endowment"
Honestly, I was skeptical when I agreed to do a review of this new book "Understanding Your Endowment" as I get so many requests and have to turn most of them down, and as this is such a sacred topic.  But, something told me to proceed. Well, I couldn't hav...
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