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transitional orange #2
Once more, I've worn my self-sewed skirt made of an old sofa cover (so glamourous!), but this time I picked an olive green-khaki t-shirt. I think that orange makes a great color combo with almost every green shade. And it creates an autumnal color combo!. W...

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turquoise gingham #2
I've been wearing a lot of turquoise color these days, it makes me feel summery even in chilly mornings. And I picked my teal jacket to keep me warm, as it's comfortable without adding too much bulk. I've also added some kerchieves to cover my neck, very se...

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blues & stripes
This striped t-shirt/pullover was the one and only purchase I made at sales, and I don't know why it caught my eye. Although I like striped t-shirts and own a (rising) collection of them, this particular piece doesn't look something which would appeal my ta...

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street art & turquoise
Yesterday, we went for a walk nearby the river, where there is a city park and some interesting paths, and there's also some street art which I've never taken pics of it before. So we had a nice walk trough the city park, and then a visit to the public libr...

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transitional orange
When Autumn rears its (beautiful) head, it is time to embrace some orange color and welcome a new season and lots of fun. Don't think in boring colors, orange is fabulous as a transitional color to help our wardrobes to go from Summer to Autumn. I believe i...

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transitional & unflattering
I think that, as a middle aged woman, I'm ( old ) expert enough to know what's unflattering on my shape, so, when I picked these pants and dress, I was conscious of the fact that so much volume in my mid section is not flattering anyway. It would be better ...

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mixing prints & office
This is what I worn to go to work on Friday, when it was really hot (37ºC/100ºF) , but a shirt/jacket was required due to the air conditioning. Dressing up to go to the office could be tricky when temperatures rise!. I'm a huge fan of comfort, so light fabr...

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why I've stopped dying my hair
I've stopped dying my hair for the moment (didn't do it since June!), as it's a waste of time (and money) to do it in the summer, when my hair color fades quickly due to sun and chlorine (and sea water, if I'm lucky enough!). I'm used to go to the swimming ...

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kinda athleisure
This is what I worn some days ago, when weather was quite chilly. I had to look for any closed-toe shoe in my actual wardrobe, and all I found was a pair of trainers (The pair of trainers, indeed). It was not that bad, because my plans didn't include any gl...

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summer & autumn
I've been inspired by fabulous Melanie (and by the overwhelming heat) to wear this dress which I own many years ago. It was damn hot when I took these pics, 37ºC (100ºF). I've been also inspired to use the garage alley to take my pics, as it's very shady (l...
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