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After +rahdo​ ran through this game, I just had to back it. Innovative gameplay, choose-your-own adventure with permanent consequences that can be played alone for 30 hours straight and it tells a story!
As the rest of my playgroup also don't have English as their first langiage, being able to play this alone is definitely a big plus. I am curious if it will dethrone mage knight as my no. 1 solo game.

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I just watched Rahdo's video, and just backed the project!
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matthijs De v

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+Heiko Wiebe​​ This is the board in action. The original board is ca. 40 cm. I used the ilya set from bgg and upsized it to 80 cm. The leader disks are 3 cm wooden disks and the units are the rectangles from the cities and knights expansion of catan. Bought at spielmaterial.De. The cards where printed at atrscow.
The gameboard is a laminated poster that I glued to plywood.
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I also have an Ilya set and I love it. Haven't gotten through a full game of it, but I love it anyway.
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