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Rajdeep Biswas
Known as <xploreraj> on Web.
Known as <xploreraj> on Web.

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See Whatsapp images and videos without downloading
There could be multiple reasons why you don't want to download photos and videos in your mobile but want to view them. For example, lack of space feel like spammed (like same images on festivals etc) don't want to take headache of deleting after seeing them...

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Stackoverflow Documentation
Many months now, the StackOverflow documentation is maturing with new examples and continuous edits to existing examples. It covers many programming languages, and should be on top of your TO-DOs if you are trying to enhance your knowledge or broaden your s...

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Direct download your song - without scratching your head
Credits to my friend Prashant, I came across a website that claims to use its AI to find out direct download link of any song that you type. For more accuracy, you should type in artist name as well, since with same name, there might be multiple songs. Play...

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Recursion is all about trust.
The secret of recursion is only one thing. Trust. Here's a neat example to show you what it exactly means. Quoting Stephan van Hulst from Code Ranch here. Say there's a long queue of people, and you want to know how many are in the queue. You can simply ask...

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Tree traversal notes
1. Inorder: - travel left subtree in inorder - visit root - travel right subtree in inorder Recursive approach: void inOrder() {
if(root != null) {
} Iterative approach using ...

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Hi guys, just look and tell me the output of the program without actually running it.

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Designing your own iterable stuff
Or, simply, implementing iterator logic in your own class, on which you can iterate or even use for-each loop. Because, for-each works only on Iterator based collections. Following is a generic Java 7 code that takes into account a simple custom linked list...
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