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John Andrus
Starting my own disruptive technology company. Here to wreck business models.
Starting my own disruptive technology company. Here to wreck business models.

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I'm playing Fives. Can you beat my high score?

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Feelin' great, new Nexus 5!

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Autoawesome #Casetop pictures :)
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Livi Design is taking the #Casetop to Banff Canada for the Banff Venture Forum! Its an excellent opportunity to raise the capital we need to fund our first production run. Hopefully we find some like minded people!

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Hey everyone! We just uploaded a video about where Livi Design is at right now with the #Casetop, please check it out if you like. We'll be getting better equipment when we can, but updates will be in this style going forward. 

Please email us questions that you would like answered and we'll throw them into new videos too!


John Andrus
Founder, Livi Design

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Hey Timothy,
I just noticed that part of the queue behavior is annoying for setting up playlists for a car. I was wondering if you could make a add to queue button on the left of each song, or even just have an option to make that the default behavior? And, if the queue was empty it would make a new empty queue, and play the song? You could make it an optional behavior...that would make this app perfect for car trips. Passengers get to pick the music. :-) 
The next update's shaping up to be a big one. It will also be awesome.

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#Casetop  goes pre-order!

Hey Everyone, 

You can now preorder the Casetop! As we have been working towards outside investment, we feel like we are ready to accept pre-orders on our website! Much like Kickstarter, we need to reach a goal, unlike Kickstarter; we can supplement the goal with outside investments and show you guys where we're at! Backers have special links that are in the other updates, but the main link for your friends and family is this!

You can send them to the main site, as there is a lot of links for it on the main page!

Thank you guys for all of your support and this is simply the next step on our goal towards production!

Please let us know what you think!

Livi Design & the #Casetop FRONT PAGE of the Edmonton Journal Business section TWICE in one month! Thus begins the PC Revolution 2.0!

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Sorry for the scattershot, do you guys mind taking a look at another accessory for the Casetop?

Overview of the Casetop
Introducing the Casetop - Every Phone can Be a Laptop

200+ Phones turn into laptops
30 HOURS of Battery life
10 YEARS of fast, efficient near-infinite upgrades
$250 on Kickstarter or $299 via pre-order. Shipping in Dec '13.

WHY I am +'ing you:
We're trying to get the word out to people for our Kickstarter. Finally not vaporware, or just a render! We're working on releasing more pictures of the other Frontbar ideas. Stay tuned!+Prash D +Koushik Dutta +Brent Baier +Shawn Isaac +Steve Kondik +Amon RA +Adam Shanks +Veronica Belmont +CyanogenMod +Ricardo Cerqueira +Cali Lewis +Chris Soyars +ClockworkMod +Roger Chang +Christian Oliver +Jessica Dolcourt +Herb Greenberg +John D. Sutter +Corvida Raven +Darren Kitchen +Felicia Day +Ted Flores +Limor Fried +Google +Wes Garner +Hak5 +Jean-Baptiste Quéru +Joshua Topolsky +Jeff Moriarty +Jeff Jarvis +Keyan Mobli +Leo Laporte +Larry Page +Timothy Malseed +MinimalDroid +patrick norton +Om Malik +Adam Outler +Kevin Rose +The Verge +Wil Wheaton  

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#Casetop new Frontbar option! THE SIDE.

Check it out! Fancy blue too...
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