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Interested in one million and more things.
Interested in one million and more things.

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Read about these 5 #badassNepalis . There's a girl in the list! Check her out!

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Back in the 60's and 70's, certified hashish centres populated the streets of Kathmandu. The hippies flocked to their god, Lord Shiva, who loves being stoned.

But then things changed.. #marijuana  became illegal. The hippies went home. The illegalization was a ploy to return the kids home.

Now, what stops Nepal from legalizing marijuana?

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Read some interesting proverbs from Nepal.

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Want to add subtitles on an mp4 quick and easy?Here's how:

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Watch what the Google Boy from Nepal has to say! 
Just waiting for his predictions to come true! And then he will be a challenge and a milestone for researchers!

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What this boy does is simply a miracle! 

Watch four year old #AdityaDahal answer complex questions! To add to the surprise, he has suddenly lost his abilities of speech and normal movement, and needs help from others even to sit.

He's never been to school and no one taught him to read or write!
And, he's made some predictions too!

Here's how you can type in Nepali either online or offline on your Android and Windows devices. Give it a try!

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Refuting the authenticity of the Ramayana! What if the Ramayana was created with the sole purpose of disinformation?
LANKESH/RAVANA, THE HOLY EMPEROR; THE RAKSHASHANAN; PROTECTOR OF SHIVA DHARMA, THE SCHOLAR, THE SAGE AND THE LAST MIGHTY KING OF THE SATHYA YUGA IN INDIA : -  The many different legends that speak of Ravana/Lankesh have revealed many positive facts regarding his character and scholarly attributes and valour that had puzzled the people regarding the claims of Ramayana that Sita was kidnapped by Ravana. Was Sita kidnapped by a King in his flying chariot? Or was she taken to a safe place by a trusted Sage as planned by her husband when she was all alone in the “Panchavadi”, already abandoned by her husband Rama and brother- in- law Lakshmana as they took off to carry out their Assassination missions with the help of Hanuman and Vibeeshana within Indian soil? This question arises because Sage Valmiki speaks of a Sage and then a manifestation of a King. There was a conspiracy which we say acquiring two mangoes by the throw of one stone! The truth being that Sita went with the sage but it was twisted to suit their goal which was the smearing campaign to discredit a powerful, scholarly king to suit their mission and gain support from the unsuspecting Vanar clan who seem to have helped them to spy in and around palaces and castles as they sneaked in like thieves just as Hanuman went into the palace of Ravaneshwaran/Lankesh and even to his bedroom where Ravana slept with his wife! How can that be? Weren’t there guards in the greatest Ravana’s Palace?

The folk songs, the Sri Lankan Adhi Vasi sing very clearly reveal that Sita actually went willingly with that person who ever that was and not been abducted at all. She went with him because she trusted him and in fact knew him well. That is the reason that another legend also reveals that Sita was not kidnapped, it was only her bimbam, the reflection that was kidnapped.  Can you catch some one’s reflection and take it with you? There is more discrepancy as to the fire bathing but the fire God protects her. Well, the fact was that she was protected by Agni Kula Kshatryas till Rama came back.  This clan belong to Brigu dynasty of Parasuram. So it was all well planned. The Sage that escorted her was none other than Sage Parasuram! Assassin Rama becomes a God by deceptions but a good powerful scholarly king Ravana and his family were betrayed by his greedy traitorous, collaborator brother Vibeeshana who got the crown. Well there are two sides to a coin. That is what we see.  Besides not even a single soul could tarnish his real personality as he was hailed as a patient man even in the face of Love or Lust, yet they try to ruin his personality with other despicable tales as well as a kidnap of a chaste woman. As a repercussion her life was ruined too. These are evidences that prove that they needed excuses for their own despicable acts of Assassinations for which they had to sneak and crawl around in the Forrest with the Vanar clan who had the connection of tailing and tagging behind as such Sage Valmiki added the tails for them. These sorts of acts do not fit for brave men let alone real Heroes or God. Also Ravana was a King of India and not the Island Lanka. There is many clues in India to correlate that as I have explained in other articles in this very Google + page. Yet let us seek few more facts.

Ravana was a King and Emperor of India who ruled from Gujarat and his City was Lanka Pura. Sri Lanka was and is an Island country not a City (Pura). Ramayana propaganda was camouflaged to suit the Avatar religious propagandist as they placed Ravana in the Island Lanka where as there are many evidence to prove that Ravana ruled in India as an Emperor while Rama was only a Prince of a small Kingdom or rather a son of a petty chief just as Guhan who was one of his allies. He was an assassin as was all those who were known as Avatars. They were just tribal people who assassinated powerful kings by roaming the forests. They were neither brave warriors nor worthy Heroes. Just Assassins, who collaborated with a set of Aryan and ruined a great Saivite culture that flourished in India under the patronage of Ravaneshwaran and has ploughed ignorance into the minds of the people of India for the advantage of a few hierarchy which is still ruining the country just as they ruined the image of a good and just Emperor of India, Ravaneshwaran with fabricated lies of kidnap of Sita and the rest and made a religion that is still igniting violence in Indian soil.

There are folk songs sung in Lanka on Ravana by Adivasis of Lanka, with a positive note. Yet he was not a King of Lanka.  It was taken there by the emigrants from India as they landed there as refugees due to the devastation that would have followed after Ravana and his family were assassinated by Rama, Lakshmana and the Hanuman, Sukreeva and the Vanar group assisted by Vibeeshana, for which Rama roamed the forest for 14 years disguised as a Sanyasi. It was preplanned as he was trained by Sage Vasishta for a long shot even with his eyes closed and he used a poisonous Arrow, which was made using the venom from cobras and was known as Nagabhanam (Naga means Cobra), which was even known as Ramabhanam after his name.

The Lankans are emigrants from Gujarat, Kalinga (Odessa) and Vanga (Bengal). Lanka was named after a city in Gujarat according to SriLankan sources. Pura means a City, a Grand city. Lanka is an island country known as Lanka Dweepa, it was not a city.  Ravana ruled from Gujarat, whose Grand city was Lanka Pura, hence he was known as Lankesh. His Kingdom consisted of Gujarat and all the Northwest India including all the Indus valley civilization, Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa from where he had made wars with Kekaya Kingdom which was situated to the west of Indus River and Kosala Kingdom by Sarayu River and always defeated them. He did not arrive in his flying Chariot to fight them. Narmada River divided his Kingdom and Karthivir Arjuna's Haiheya Kingdom by which they both have met and battled according to Bhagavada Purana. The same Karthivir Arjuna was later killed by Parasuram. There are many legends relating to Ravana’s prominence in Indian soil including many temples that are associated with his patronage. You can read more of it in my other comments in my Google + page. I do not want to repeat them here also.

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It still isn't too late. If you have been searching for a way to watch #WorldCup  matches online, and not found it, here's an easy way!
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