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Nidia Doherty
My beauty journey without judgement!
My beauty journey without judgement!


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Makeup is More Than Just Paint and Product #TheMakeupShow
Hello, Fireflies! It's getting on time for my favorite event of the year, The Makeup Show , Orlando!  There are five shows a year, in great places like NYC, LA, Chicago, and Dallas, and some pop-up shops all over the country, but the one in Orlando is where...

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My Hip is Too Square
Hello, Fireflies! Children of the '80's, you're welcome for the earworm. I always tell people that I came into this world backwards, and things just got weirder from there. The truth is, I did come into this world bottom first! I was folded over, and they p...

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New Year, Back To Me
Hello, Fireflies! I'm not one for resolutions, or feeling some magical way about the turn of a calendar page... usually. But 2016 was a bummer for many of us, and for me, it wasn't just about celebrity deaths or politics.  Starting in January, my husband an...

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All Use, No Waste Serum! #Swissvita #AC-11®
Press Sample.  All opinions are my own. Hello, Fireflies! Sometimes, I want to super-customize what serums I use at what times.  And sometimes - especially when I'm traveling - I want one little tube that's going to do all the things I need.  So, on my last...

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Vitamin See Your Skin Look Better! #Instanatural
Press Sample.  All opinions are my own. Hello, Fireflies! Vitamin C should be Vitamin See!  As in, I can see how much better my skin looks when I use it. I've just come back from a trip where I saw extended family members that I hadn't seen in 30+ years.  A...

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Mascara Makes the Moment #Bellimisa
Hello, Fireflies! Most makeup, I keep much longer
than the "rules" say to.  I'm not a germaphobe, and I'm not tossing my
anything until it no longer pleases me to keep it.  Or it smells funny. ...but,
mascara is a little different.  My mom always harped ...

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Highlight Your Lips! #HighlightCosmetics
Press Sample.  All opinions are my own. Hello, Fireflies! Usually the last makeup item I put on before my look is done is my lipstick.  The perfect lippie can take a look a totally transform it - and my mood.  Bold, matte, glossy, nude - whatever the lipsti...

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A Wink and a Smile #PinkWink #BOGOForTheCure
Press Sample.  All opinions are my own. Hello, Fireflies! Brows. Big, full, brows.  That's been the beauty trend for a while now.  And full, long lashes are always in style.  But what if yours are sparse? Or, worse, you lost all of them because of chemother...

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Retinol Revive #Valentia
Press Sample. All opinions are my own. Hello, Fireflies! Does the word, 'Retinol' strike fear into your heart?  Do you immediately think of the harsh, doctor-prescribed formulas of yore that made your skin turn red and peel off before finally healing?  Skin...

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Sniffy Saturday #brooklynbetter
Press Sample.  All opinions are my own. Hello, Fireflies! I don't know that aromatherapy can be the cure for all that ails me, but I sure do enjoy it.  A few drops of a perfectly scented oil in my diffuser can do wonders for my mood.  Essential oils mixed i...
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