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Hybrid High
Did I mention that my children are homeschooled? I was recently challenged about being a public educator and a homeschool parent. Really? The best possible model for instruction is 1 to 1 regardless of setting. That’s difficult to achieve in a public classr...

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I want to be taken seriously as an educator. I realized this recently while responding to an interview question for summer school principal. The question was, “why did you apply for this job?” I paused, an out of my mouth came, “I want to be taken seriously...

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Don’t Quit (part 2)?
I wrote Don’t Quit to encourage new teachers to stay in the game. I was teaching a graduate course
at the time and not yet an administrator. My perspective is different now, but
not my message. Now I see young teachers in the early years of their career

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PBL Plus?
Model: Homework prepares individual students for
classwork. Common primary source lecture, reading, and background research is
provided online and completed by students off site. Class time is focused on completing complex authentic
assignments that require...

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Supporting Teachers?
It is my 16th consecutive month as an assistant principal. While I haven't written much here, I have much to report. The job is hard – way hard. Much harder than I an anticipated, or could have imagined while I was teaching. I saw administrators as… well, y...

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Check out this video on YouTube:

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Check out this video on YouTube:q🍏😺🍬😺 😀

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Last Class?
I taught my last class today at the school where I served for 18 years. It was surreal and strange. (Well, it was summer school, so that might have had something to do with it.) My run lasted longer than I expected, but then, what differences have our expec...

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