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Servant of the secret fire, wilder of the flame of Anor!
Servant of the secret fire, wilder of the flame of Anor!


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My house was affected during a thunderstorm about a Saturday ago. The good news was non major damage was sustained to both human and appliances. Bad news was the lightning attack knocked out the temperature sensor circuit of my inverter. At first I did…
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I had some mild / serious screen and window tearing problems when moving windows, scrolling through the browser and the general KDE Plasma UI could be a bit laggy. The problem was reduced if I switched my rendering backend from OpenGL 2.0((Hardware…
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I highly recommend this movie (and of cause the sound track) t
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Seems twitter is down
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When a good swimmer is drowning people look at it as a new style - Nigerian proverb
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Efforts to deradicalize Boko Haram members by the Nigerian Government: Fantastic read on the challenges of combating radical islamic:
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Oumou Sangare shows once again why Mali is the home of blues.

This song tells in a soul touching way the sadness that comes with lose of a loved one.

Saa Magni
O death; O death
Death is so harsh
Death is so cruel
Death who struck down Amadou Ba Guindo
But spares no creature
Nothing can stop it
Not even fame
Or having many children
Great riches and many friends
Amadou is gone
And when I go to Douentza I will not see him again
He will never be seen again in Bamako
In Douentza Tenin Ongoïna cries for you
Whilst in Bamako Amadou cries for you
As Adja' cries for you
Your widow Fanta cries for her missing husband
For Guindo has disappeared, struck down by treacherous death
In Bamako your old friend Alou Tracré misses you
How bitter is death, how bitter separation
It is hard to break the links (of friendship)
How hard it is to be separated from one's people, Guindo
But death spares no one
The Grim Reaper of hope did not spare Amadou Guindo
If it did not spare the Prophet Mohammed
Just as it struck down Amadou Chérif
Leaving his father Bouba in pain
May his soul rest in peace
How harsh is separation, how harsh death
And merciless death strikes without distinction
Villainous death crouches at a bend in the path, lying in wait for us
May God preserve us from it
But death spares no one
It strikes in the prime of life
Perfidious death crouches at a bend in the path
O death; O death
You did not spare Guindo
No creature can escape you
O death; O death, how you are cruel
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African university of Science and Technology
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The first step in making the world you want is to behave in line with that vision. Mark apparently doesn't understand that, having spent the last years creating schism after schism in the Linux desktop world, from Mir to Unity to making their own QML API from scratch and developing a mobile UX behind closed doors separate from work being done in the broader community, he is now suggesting that all the desktop projects should work together towards a common goal.

You first, Mark. You've adopted systemd, and that's a nice step ... how about the rest of the separate silo Canonical stack? Example: Get behind Wayland and you'll have automatically given all the desktop projects a common goal, since the rest of them are already there just waiting for you.

To be honest, the way I read it, what Mark really wants is everyone to use and develop for what his team has dreamed up. That would also accomplish his proposal, I suppose. It would be just like when he was trying to convince every project to adopt not just a 6 month cycle but the same 6 month cycle that Ubuntu was championing. "You change to be just like me and then we'll get along amazingly well," is a common mantra for Mark.

Disappointment does not quite start to describe my feelings about this call to arms. It's the right message, but delivered by someone who does not follow it at all.
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