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Anyone trying to submit a Google Faculty Award proposal?  Did you succeed?  I get to the end of the process and a "unexpected error" from the server.  No help email, no way to figure out what's going wrong.  Sigh.

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Just watched some old British children's TV with the kids.  Captain Pugwash, The Magic Roundabout, and the Clangers.  Classic.  Isabella's review of The Clangers: "That was weird."

In DC for an NSF PI meeting, and they shut down the government.  Oh well, maybe I can go and do the tourist thing tomorrow and see some monuments.

Oh, wait.....

Why can't people speak plainly?  Just got this from a University administrator, referring to a previous email with a broken link: "Please forgive the provision of dysfunctional links.  These should provide resolution."

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Took Glass home from some pretty cliched snaps with the kids. Pleasantly surprised to see how well the voice recognition worked with the kids voices. Mostly.  #ifdadhadglass
Glass at home
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#nowihaveglass  I suppose that I'll have to do something cool with it

At Google today for lunch with +Sally Goldman.  Anyone else around?

Ian (3.5 years): School is a safety zone, right?
Teacher: Yes
Ian: So, if there's zombies running around trying to eat faces I should go there."

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#ifihadglass I'd use it to let people with quadriplegia and other severe motor disabilities use my PR2 robot as a body surrogate.

I woke up on Friday as a Mechanical Engineer.  I feel like a character in a Kafka novel.
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