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Angela Holland
Adventurous mom and wife
Adventurous mom and wife


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What's That Noise?
What’s that noise?                 Off-the-wall encounters are the norm for my dad. It seems like every time you turn around, he has another
crazy story, improbable injury, unexpected people encounter or just flat wild
experience. So it should come as no su...

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Lord, Why the Tree? In the
Holland home, Christmas is the king of all holidays. We celebrate
the birth of our Savior with great fervor, relishing every moment of
togetherness that the holiday brings. Great effort is taken to don the house
with Christmas lig...

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Check out how I got prepared for school as the mother of four!! Don't forget to purchase my book "I Like Storms" when you drop in!

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Command Center
I am now the mother of four children under 10. I have one that is special needs and one newly  adoptive child. My hands are truly full! In my desire to maintain our family priorities (families priorities are printed in bold below) I created the command cent...

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I Like Storms, 22 Stories of Faith
Preface I Like Storms is a story of faith, mostly
recounting snippets of my family’s life over the last three years. We have
taken many journeys down numerous paths of life: despair, joy, laughter,
sorrow, uncertainty, loss, belief, hope, peace, and mostly ...

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Well Springs of the Heart
Proverbs 4:23 ESV English Standard Version Keep your heart with all vigilance, for from it flow the springs of life. vig·i·lant adjective \ˈvi-jə-lənt\ : carefully noticing problems or signs of danger :  alertly watchful especially to avoid danger keep verb...

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Letter of Intent
To Whom It
May Concern: We are Andrew
Stephen and Angela Faye Holland.   Andrew
was born on May 6, 1978 in Americus, Georgia, United States of America.   Angela was born on January 16, 1977 in Austin
Texas, in the United States of America.   We have always ...
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