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Paper Tube Beads Decorating Area
There are many ways to decorate your Paper Tube beads before
rolling them . But first I will go thru some points you should know about where
and what parts of your paper strips  need
to be decorated . Here is my paper bead
display showing samples of all the...

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Paper Beads (Tube Beads)
Paper tube beads one of my favorite paper beads to create as
there are so many ways to decorate them. 
You can never go wrong with  paper
tube beads especially when you want to make a collection of beads that will all
work together in a jewelry piece. Creat...

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Paper Bead Blanks
Paper bead
blanks  what are they ? Paper bead blanks is the solution I have come up with so
that I could make all the paper beads I wanted to without having to decorate
them while creating them.   Why would I want to make paper bead blanks? Having paper bea...

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How I Store and Prepare My Papers.
I do not have a lot of extra space in my small apartment I have to make sure
everything has its own place . That place for my recycle papers that I use to
make my paper beads is this plastic bin. I just love how each
papers container fits nicely into ...

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Paper Bead Display
 This paper bead display is what I use to keep track of the
paper beads I make most often. This way when I want to make some of a certain
type of paper bead all I have to do is find the bead on the display and it will
tell me what I will need to duplicate t...

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Paper choices when making paper beads
When deciding on what papers to use for making your paper
beads consider the following  factors. If
you use a paper that is very delicate it is more likely to tear while you are
rolling the paper bead. If the paper is a heavier thicker paper it may be

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Glazing Rack DIY
This glazing rack is
9 inches tall After all of my testing of different types of  glazing and or drying racks over the years, I
sat down and decided what  was needed
most and what would help me to be more efficient while making my paper beads.
This is the r...

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Hanging Tags
 Since I am not always able to remember how many times I have
dipped or painted a certain string of my beads, I like having a way to keep
track of this. What better way of doing this than to create a group of tags
with numbers on to do the remembering for m...

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Bead Racks
So just what are bead racks and why do I need them ? Bead racks are use to keep the beads you make safe from
being damaged until then can be baked, painted, or glazed. There are plenty of different types of bead racks to choose
from. Different types of bead...

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IBDCraftyLady Paper Bead Tool DIY Recycle
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