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Peter Dunlap-Shohl
Obscure cartoonist who lives far, far away.
Obscure cartoonist who lives far, far away.

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April Meeting agenda: Hospice and End-of-Life Concerns
Hello friends, We don't expec t this Saturday 's meeting to be canceled by snow (looks nervously skyward.) So you are all urged to attend the support group. We will have a presentation  from Autumn Pudge of Frontier Home, Health and Hospice, who will speak ...

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Shakey-speare: Parkinson's Awareness Month Meets Poetry Month
Long-time friends of this blog (both of them) are all too aware that
April is both Parkinson's Disease Awareness Month and Poetry Month. I
like to celebrate this cosmic coincidence by mashing up two things that
go together like Brussels sprouts and ice c...

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Nuking Alaska, A Comic about Alaska During the Cold War
Growing up in Alaska in the 60's and 70's put you on the front lines of the Cold War. We learned to overlook the fact that nuclear annihilation was a real possibility, living and playing in the shadow of the implements of mass  destruction. What was that li...

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March 18th Support Group Meeting, Preventing falls
going to meet the heck out of this week's meeting. You ask "What's on
the agenda, Pete? Or is this going to be another of your last-minute
improvisations, like the time you led a two-hour discussion of the topic
'Pachyderms and Parkinson's, a trag...

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Look Out! Behind you...

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Tired of Coping? Tips for Those Who Want to Make Their PD Worse
We smarty-pants bloggers are quick to nag with ways to make your life with Parkinson’s Disease better. We constantly scan the horizon for the latest about what you can do to enhance your quality of life, despite the fact that a progressive, disabling and in...

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Getting My JAMAs On, Journal of the American Medical Association has Kind Words for Comic About PD
It seems that there has been a gap in my role of relentless self-promoter. At the tail end of December, 20016, The Journal of the American Medical Association praised the heck out of my now-a-year-old graphic-novel-style memoir of coping with Parkinson's Di...

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Troll Civics

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"Parkie", an Improper Noun?
Parkie. It's a word that slides easily off the tongue , then catches in the craw. Some of us use it freely. Others loathe it. Why? A fellow PD patient recently made the case against "parkie" in a post on Facebook. Her argument was that the term trivializes ...

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Facing the Post-Truth

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