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Hey guys, project creator here. :D As Walker said, great to see this getting positive views! We have quite a few great things planned for further episodes of the game, so stay tuned. :)

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I never use G+ for some reason.  So, uh, here is a new blog post :P

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Check out the latest FreeDoom release!  There's some pretty awesome updates in there, including a new font set made by your truly :)
Freedoom 0.9 is here!

Many, many people have worked hard for the past nine months to make this happen, and it has finally landed.  Freedoom has seen huge changes since the previous release and now it is finally available for everyone to enjoy.

A short list of what to look forward to in this version:
* New file names no longer conflict with Doom's
** freedoom1.wad is Freedoom: Phase 1 - compatible with The Ultimate Doom
** freedoom2.wad is Freedoom: Phase 2 - compatible with Doom II and Final Doom
* FreeDM and Phase 1 have grown out of the shadows of the project and have seen rapid advances, largely lead by Protox, our prominent Brazilian contributor.
* New text font from +Brett Harrell to replace the old one in all menus, in-game text, and status-bar HUD.
* New zombie, shotgun zombie, and assault tripod sprites by a skilled pixel artist, raymoohawk.
* New sounds for the dark soldier by Jewellds.
* More complete support for Final Doom mods, adding many more textures missing to support mods for both TNT: Evilution and The Plutonia Experiment, thanks to +Simon Howard and AXDOOMER.

... and there are many more changes, but it’s more fun to play than to read, isn’t it?  So go do it already :D
You can get the release at

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Here are some of the latest things I've been working on for Vela Pax this past couple of weeks (in screenshot form).

There's a new sky for MAP04, another new sky for a secret map, new bonus pickup sprites, and a BerserkSphere sprite!
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Here's last year's AGDQ charity speedrun of Doom, performed using Chocolate Doom. They're currently doing this year's - a whole week of speedruns to raise money for a cancer charity. Check out .

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And lastly, here are some really cool line-by-line animations of some of my maps being built!  Google+ didn't seem to recognize the .gif files as images when I uploaded them, so I put together an Imgur gallery instead (along with a few comments and titles).  A big thanks goes out to Revenant for creating "dmvis", which is what I used to generate these animations1

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Whoops, I forgot that I uploaded these once already 0_o.  Welp, uh...I guess you guys get to see them again :P


These next shots are from the W.I.P. DM pack for Supplice.  They were quickly put together in the weeks leading up to Doom's 20th birthday and released on that day.

Jimmy and I did the maps while Cage did a bit of texture work and clean-up before releasing the screenshots.  The maps are a mix of previous 32in24 submissions and a couple are some unreleased or old works of mine that I heavily edited to not suck as much :P
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For those of you who didn't want to bother swimming through a bunch of boring text in my latest blog post, here are the screenshots that I posted!  First up are shots of my 4 32in24-13 DM maps, one of which was detailed by Xaser.
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This year's Cacowards are finally out! It's great to see Espi remembered in the form of a lifetime achievement award, and it's hard to think of another person more deserving to be its first recipient.
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